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Survival of Captive, Parent-Reared Mississippi Sandhill Cranes Released on a Refuge

Conservation Biology

Based on: Zwank P.J. & Wilson C.D. (1987)

Reintroductions of the European tree frog (Hyla arborea) in Latvia

Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica

Based on: Zvirgzds J., Stašuls M. & Vilnìtis V (1995)

Treefrog reintroduction project in Latvia


Based on: Zvirgzds J. (1998)

Effects of reintroduction of European beaver in the lowlands of the Vistula Basin

Acta Theriologica

Based on: Zurowski W. & Kasperczyk B. (1988)

Amphibian and reptile tunnels in the Netherlands

Amphibians and Roads: Proceedings of the Toad Tunnel Conference

Based on: Zuiderwijk A. (1989)

Nutritive value of some pollen substitutes for Nannotrigona (Scaptotrigona) postica

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Zucoloto F.S. (1977)

Effects of mowing and burning on shrubland and grassland birds on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Zuckerberg B. & Vickery P.D. (2006)

Conserving the Panamanian golden frog: Proyecto Rana Dorada

Herpetological Review

Based on: Zippel K.C. (2002)

Understanding unexpected reintroduction outcomes: Why aren't European bison colonizing suitable habitat in the Carpathians?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Ziółkowska E., Perzanowski K., Bleyhl B., Ostapowicz K. & Kuemmerle T. (2016)

Conservation of Zino's petrel Pterodroma madeira in the archipelago of Madeira


Based on: Zino F., Oliveira P., King S., Buckle A., Biscoito M., Neves H.C. & Vasconcelos A. (2001)

Efficacy of black bear supplemental feeding to reduce conifer damage in western Washington

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Ziegltrum G. I. (2004)

Effect of gap size created by thinning on seedling emergency, survival and establishment in a coastal pine forest

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Zhu J., Matsuzaki T., Lee F. & Gonda Y. (2003)

Dynamics of soil extractable carbon and nitrogen under different cover crop residues

Journal of Soils and Sediments

Based on: Zhou X., Chen C., Wu H. & Xu Z. (2012)

The effects of mineral fertilizer and organic manure on soil microbial community and diversity

Plant and Soil

Based on: Zhong W., Gu T., Wang W., Zhang B., Lin X., Huang Q. & Shen W. (2010)

Field report on the Hainan gibbon

Primate Conservation

Based on: Zhenhe L., Haisheng J., Yongzu Z., Yanhua L., Tigon C., Manry D. & Southwick C. (1987)

Ecosystem service restoration after 10 years of rewetting peatlands in NE Germany

Environmental Management

Based on: Zerbe S., Steffenhagen P., Parakenings K., Timmermann T., Frick A., Gelbrecht J. & Zak D. (2013)

Responses of ground flora to a gradient of harvest intensity in the Missouri Ozarks

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Zenner E.K., Kabrick J.M., Jensen R.G., Peck J.E. & Grabner J.K. (2006)

Population trends of brown hares in Switzerland: the role of land-use and ecological compensation areas

Biological Conservation

Based on: Zellweger-Fischer J., Kéry M. & Pasinelli G. (2011)

Mitigating the impact of bats in historic churches: the response of Natterer’s bats Myotis nattereri to artificial roosts and deterrence


Based on: Zeale M.R.K, Bennitt E., Newson S.E, Packman C., Browne W.J, Harris S., Jones G. & Stone E. (2016)

Field application of brassicaceous amendments for control of soilborne pests and pathogens

Plant Health Progress

Based on: Zasada I.A., Ferris H., Elmore C.L., Roncoroni J.A., MacDonald J.A., Bolkan L.R. & Yakabe L.E. (2003)

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