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Relocation of Puerto Rican cave dwelling frogs Eleutherodactylus cooki into natural and artificial habitats

Conservation Evidence

Based on: López-Torres A.L., Rodríguez-Gómez C.A. & Salguero-Faría J.A. (2016)

Soil carbon sequestration rates under Mediterranean woody crops using recommended management practices: A meta-analysis

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Vicente-Vicente J.L., García-Ruiz R., Francaviglia R., Aguilera E. & Smith P. (2016)

Protection changes the relevancy of scales of variability in coralligenous assemblages

Based on: Piazzi L., La M.G., Cecchi E., Serena F. & Ceccherelli G. (2016)

Captive-rearing state endangered crawfish frogs Lithobates areolatus from Indiana, USA

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Stiles R.M., Sieggreen M.J., Johnson R.A., Pratt K., Vassallo M., Andrus M., Perry M., Swan J.W. & Lannoo M.J. (2016)

Spatial variability of soft-bottom macrobenthic communities in northern Sicily (Western Mediterranean): Contrasting trawled vs. untrawled areas

Based on: Romano C., Fanelli E., D'Anna G., Pipitone C., Vizzini S., Mazzola A. & Badalamenti F. (2016)

Controlling the African clawed frog Xenopus laevis to conserve the Cape platanna Xenopus gilli in South Africa

Conservation Evidence

Based on: de Villiers F.A., de Kock M. & Measey G.J. (2016)

Influence of nest box design on occupancy and breeding success of predatory birds utilizing artificial nests in the Mongolian steppe

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Rahman M.D., Purev-ochir G., Batbayar N. & Dixon A. (2016)

Factors affecting re-vegetation dynamics of experimentally restored extracted peatland in Estonia

Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Based on: Karofeld E., Müür M. & Vellak K. (2016)

Biologically significant residual persistence of brodifacoum in reptiles following invasive rodent eradication, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Rueda D., Campbell K.J., Fisher P., Cunninghame F. & Ponder J.B. (2016)

Revegetation dynamics after 15 years of rewetting in two extracted peatlands in Sweden

Mires and Peat

Based on: Kozlov S.A., Lundin L. & Avetov N.A. (2016)

Recovery of gene diversity using long-term cryopreserved spermatozoa and artificial insemination in the endangered black-footed ferret

Animal Conservation

Based on: Howard J.G., Lynch C., Santymire R.M., Marinari P.E. & Wildt D.E. (2016)

Effectiveness of short sections of wildlife fencing and crossing structures along highways in reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions and providing safe crossing opportunities for large mammals

Biological Conservation

Based on: Huijser M.P., Fairbank E.R., Camel-Means W., Graham J., Watson V., Basting P. & Becker D. (2016)

Translocation of the endangered San Joaquin kit fox, Vulpes macrotis mutica: A retrospective assessment

Western North American Naturalist

Based on: Scrivner J.H., O'Farrell T.P., Hammer K. & Cypher B.L. (2016)

Specialist butterflies benefit most from the ecological restoration of mires

Biological Conservation

Based on: Noreika N., Kotze D.J., Loukola O.J., Sormunen N., Vuori A., Päivinen J., Penttinen J., Punttila P. & Kotiaho J.S. (2016)

Overpasses and underpasses: Effectiveness of crossing structures for migratory ungulates

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Simpson N.O., Stewart K.M., Schroeder C., Cox M., Huebner K. & Wasley T. (2016)

To protect or neglect? Design, monitoring, and evaluation of a law enforcement strategy to recover small populations of wild tigers and their prey

Biological Conservation

Based on: Johnson A., Goodrich J., Hansel T., Rasphone A., Saypanya S., Vongkhamheng C., Venevongphet . & Strindberg S. (2016)

Livestock grazing limits beaver restoration in northern New Mexico

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Small B.A., Frey J.K. & Gard C.C. (2016)

Direct setting of Crassostrea virginica larvae in a tidal tributary: applications for shellfish restoration and aquaculture

Based on: Steppe C., Fredriksson D., Wallendorf L., Nikolov M. & Mayer R. (2016)

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