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Soil carbon dioxide fluxes following tillage in semiarid Mediterranean agroecosystems

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Álvaro-Fuentes J., Cantero-Martínez C., López M.V. & Arrúe J.L. (2007)

Alternative Crop Rotations under Mediterranean No-Tillage Conditions: Biomass, Grain Yield, and Water-Use Efficiency

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Álvaro-Fuentes J., Lampurlanés J. & Cantero-Martínez C. (2009)

Management Effects on Soil Carbon Dioxide Fluxes under Semiarid Mediterranean Conditions

Soil Science Society of America Journal

Based on: Álvaro-Fuentes J., López M.V., Arrúe J.L. & Cantero-Martínez C. (2008)

Soil biochemical properties in a semiarid Mediterranean agroecosystem as affected by long-term tillage and N fertilization

Soil & Tillage Research

Based on: Álvaro-Fuentes J., Morell F.J., Madejón E., Lampurlanés J., Arrúe J.L. & Cantero-Martínez C. (2013)

Colorado potato beetle response to soil amendments: a case in support of the mineral balance hypothesis?

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Alyokhin A., Porter G., Groden E. & Drummond F. (2005)

Preliminary effects of fire and mechanical fuel treatments on the abundance of small mammals in the mixed-conifer forest of the Sierra Nevada

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Amacher A.J., Barrett R.H., Moghaddas J.J. & Stephens S.L. (2008)

Post-fledging dependence and dispersal in hacked and wild Montagu's harriers Circus pygargus


Based on: Amar A., Arroyo B.E. & Bretagnolle V. (2000)

Long-Term Tillage and Crop Sequence Effects on Wheat Grain Yield and Quality

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Amato G., Ruisi P., Frenda A.S., Di M.G., Saia S., Plaia A. & Giambalvo D. (2013)

Increasing populations of the green toad Bufo viridis due to a pond project on the island of Samsø

Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica

Based on: Amtkjær J. (1995)

Anthelmintics increase survival of American coot (Fulica americana) chicks

The Auk

Based on: Amundson C.L. & Arnold T.W. (2010)

Translocation of pocketed orang-utans in Sabah


Based on: Andau PM, Hiong LK & Sale J.B. (1994)

Effectiveness of livestock guarding dogs for reducing predation on domestic sheep

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Andelt W.F. (1992)

Effectiveness of alarm-distress calls for frightening herons from a fish rearing facility

The Progressive Fish-Culturist

Based on: Andelt W.F. & Hopper S.N. (1996)

Relative effectiveness of repellents for reducing mule deer damage

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Andelt W.F., Burnham K.P. & Manning J.A. (1991)

Coyote predation on domestic sheep deterred with electronic dog-training collar

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Andelt W.F., Phillips R.L., Gruver K.S. & Guthrie J.W. (1999)

Effectiveness of barriers, pyrotechnics, flashing lights, and Scarey Man® for deterring heron predation on fish

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Andelt W.F., Woolley T.P. & Hopper S.N. (1997)

Long-term effects of sheep grazing on giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum)


Based on: Andersen U.V. & Calov B. (1996)

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