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Effects of controlled fire and livestock grazing on bird communities in east African savannas

Conservation Biology

Based on: Gregory N.C., Sensenig R.L. & Wilcove D.S. (2010)

Effects of cover crop management on grape pests in a Mediterranean environment

Bulletin OILB SROP

Based on: Serra G., Lentini A., Verdinelli M. & Delrio G. (2006)

Effects of cover crop quality and quantity on nematode-based soil food webs and nutrient cycling

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: DuPont S.T., Ferris H. & Van H.M. (2009)

Effects of Cover Crops on Grapevines, Yield, Juice Composition, Soil Microbial Ecology, and Gopher Activity

American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

Based on: Ingels C.A., Scow K.M., Whisson D.A. & Drenovsky R.E. (2005)

Effects of crop diversification and low pesticide inputs on bird populations on arable land

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Henderson I.G., Ravenscroft N., Smith G. & Holloway S. (2009)

Effects of culverts and roadside fencing on the rate of roadkill of small terrestrial vertebrates in northern Limpopo, South Africa

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Collinson W. J., Davies-Mostert H. T. & Davies-Mostert W. (2017)

Effects of cutting and nitrogen deposition on biodiversity in Cantabrian heathlands

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Calvo L., Alonso I., Marcos E & De Luis E. (2007)

Effects of cutting Ashe juniper woodlands on small mammal populations in the Texas hill country (USA)

Natural Areas Journal

Based on: Schnepf K.A., Heselmeyer J.A. & Ribble D.O. (1998)

Effects of delayed hay removal on the nutrient balance of roadside plant communities

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Schaffers A.P., Vesseur M.C. & Sýkora K.V. (1998)

Effects of different blends of protein sources as alternatives to dietary fishmeal on growth performance and body lipid composition of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)


Based on: Pratoomyot J., Bendiksen E.Å, Campbell P.J., Jauncey K.J., Bell J.G. & Tocher D.R. (2011)

Effects of different compost amendments on soil biotic and faunal feeding activity in an organic farming system

Biological Agriculture & Horticulture

Based on: Pfotzer G.H. & Schuler C. (1997)

Effects of different grass treatments used to create overwintering habitat for predatory arthropods on arable farmland

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Based on: Collins K.L., Boatman N.D., Wilcox A. & Holland J.M. (2003)

Effects of different intensities of fertilizers and pesticides on aphids and aphid predators in winter wheat

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Hasken K.H. & Poehling H.M. (1995)

Effects of different olive-grove management systems on the organic carbon and nitrogen content of the soil in Jaén (Spain)

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Castro J., Fernández-Ondoño E., Rodríguez C., Lallena A.M., Sierra M. & Aguilar J. (2008)

Effects of different site preparation treatments on species diversity, composition, and plant traits in Pinus halepensis woodlands

Plant Ecology

Based on: Prévosto B., Bousquet-Mélou A., Ripert C. & Fernández C. (2011)

Effects of direct drilling on the soil fauna

Outlook on agriculture

Based on: Edwards C.A. (1975)

Effects of disturbance intensity on species and functional diversity in a tropical forest

Journal of Ecology

Based on: Carreño‐Rocabado G., Peña‐Claros M., Bongers F., Alarcón A., Licona J. & Poorter L. (2012)

Effects of ditch management on caddisfly, dragonfly and amphibian larvae in intensively farmed peat areas

Aquatic Ecology

Based on: Twisk W., Noordervliet M.A.W. & ter Keurs W.J. (2000)

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