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Autumn-sowing of cereals reduces breeding bird numbers in a heterogeneous agricultural landscape

Biological Conservation

Based on: Eggers S., Unell M. & Part T. (2011)

Effects of tillage and fallow period management on soil physical behaviour and maize development

Agricultural Water Management

Based on: Alletto L., Coquet Y. & Justes E. (2011)

Assessing the recovery of functional diversity after sustained sediment screening at an aggregate dredging site in the North Sea

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Based on: Barrio-Froján C.R., Cooper K.M., Bremner J., Defew E.C., Wan H.W.M.R. & Paterson D.M. (2011)

Cultivar mixtures of processing tomato in an organic agroecosystem

Organic Agriculture

Based on: Barrios-Masias F.H., Cantwell M.I. & Jackson L.E. (2011)

Replacing bare fallow with cover crops in a maize cropping system: Yield, N uptake and fertiliser fate

European Journal of Agronomy

Based on: Gabriel J.L. & Quemada M. (2011)

Shrub-Steppe Early Succession Following Juniper Cutting and Prescribed Fire

Environmental Management

Based on: Bates J.D., Davies K.W. & Sharp R.N. (2011)

Effects of black bear relocation on elk calf recruitment at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Yarkovich J., Clark J.D. & Murrow J.L. (2011)

Is nest predator exclusion an effective strategy for enhancing bird populations?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Smith R.K., Pullin A.S., Stewart G.B. & Sutherland W.J. (2011)

Planting Seedlings in Tree Islands Versus Plantations as a Large‐Scale Tropical Forest Restoration Strategy

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Holl K.D., Zahawi R.A., Cole R.J., Ostertag R. & Cordell S. (2011)

Effects of prescribed fires on young valley oak trees at a research restoration site in the Central Valley of California

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Holmes K.A., Veblen K.E., Berry A.M. & Young T.P. (2011)

Population trends of brown hares in Switzerland: the role of land-use and ecological compensation areas

Biological Conservation

Based on: Zellweger-Fischer J., Kéry M. & Pasinelli G. (2011)

Effects of prescribed fire, supplemental feeding, and mammalian predator exclusion on hispid cotton rat populations


Based on: Morris G., Hostetler J.A., Conner L.M. & Oli M.K. (2011)

Attract and reward: combining chemical ecology and habitat manipulation to enhance biological control in field crops

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Simpson M., Gurr G.M., Simmons A.T., Wratten S.D., James D.G, Leeson G., Nicol H.I. & Orre-Gordon G.U.S. (2011)

Combining intercropping with semiochemical releases: optimization of alternative control of Sitobion avenae in wheat crops in China

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata

Based on: Wang G., Cui L., Dong J., Francis F., Liu Y. & Tooker J. (2011)

Predation determines the outcome of 10 reintroduction attempts in arid South Australia

Biological Conservation

Based on: Moseby K.E., Read J.L., Paton D.C., Copley P., Hill B.M. & Crisp H.A. (2011)

Cereal-based wholecrop silages: A potential convservation measure for farmland birds in pastoral landscapes

Biological Conservation

Based on: Peach W.J., Dodd S., Westbury D.B., Mortimer S.R., Lewis P., Brook A.J., Harris S.J., Kessock-Philip R., Buckingham D.L. & Chaney K. (2011)

Aerobic training stimulates growth and promotes disease resistance in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology

Based on: Castro V., Grisdale- Helland B., Helland S.J., Kristensen T., Jorgensen S.M., Helgerud J., Claireaux G., Farrell A.P., Krasnov A. & Takle H. (2011)

Management of chestnut plantations for a multifunctional land use under Mediterranean conditions: effects on productivity and sustainability

Agroforestry Systems

Based on: Martins A., Marques G., Borges O., Portela E., Lousada J., Raimundo F. & Madeira M. (2011)

Temporal dynamics of the arthropod community in pear orchards intercropped with aromatic plants

Pest Management Science

Based on: Beizhou S., Zhang J., Jinghui H., Hongying W., Yun K. & Yuncong Y. (2011)

Evaluation of herbivore-induced plant volatiles for monitoring green lacewings in Washington apple orchards

Biological Control

Based on: Jones V.P., Steffan S.A., Wiman N.G., Horton D.R., Miliczky E., Zhang Q.-H. & Baker C.C. (2011)

Quantifying the effects of Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) on biodiversity at the farm scale: the Hillesden Experiment (RP00026)

Based on: Heard M.S., Botham M., Broughton R., Carvell C., Hinsley S., Woodcock B., Pywell R.F., Amy S., Bellamy P.E., Hill R.A., Hulmes S., Hulmes L., Meek W.R., Nowakowski M., Peyton J., Redhead J.W., Shore R.F. & Turk A. (2011)

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