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Alien mammals, impact and management in the French subantarctic islands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Chapuis J.L., Boussès P. & Barnaud G. (1994)

Long-Term Effects of Logging on African Primate Communities: a 28-Year Comparison From Kibale National Park, Uganda

Conservation Biology

Based on: Chapman C.A., Balcomb S.R., Gillespie T.R., Skorupa J.P. & Struhsaker T.T. (2000)

Forest restoration in abandoned agricultural land: a case study from East Africa

Conservation Biology

Based on: Chapman C.A. & Chapman L.J. (1999)

Pest control experiments show benefits of complexity at landscape and local scales

Ecological Applications

Based on: Chaplin-Kramer R. & Kremen C. (2012)

Revegetation of an Arctic disturbed site by native tundra species

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Chapin III S.S. & Chapin M.C. (1980)

How to lose a habitat in 5 years: trial and error in the conservation of the farmland green tree frog Rhacophorus arvalis in Taiwan

International Zoo Yearbook

Based on: Chang J.C.-W., Tang H.-C., Chen S.-L. & Chen P.-C. (2008)

Reclaiming Botany Wetlands, Sydney through integrated management of Ludwigia peruviana and other weeds

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Australian Weeds Conference

Based on: Chandrasena N., Pinto L. & Sim R. (2002)

Evaluating residual tree patches as stepping stones and short-term refugia for red-legged frogs

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Chan-McLeod A.C.A. & Moy A. (2007)

The long-term effectiveness of fish habitat restoration practices: Lawrence Creek, Wisconsin

Annals of the Association of American Geographers

Based on: Champoux O., Biron P. M. & Roy A. G. (2003)

Evaluation of Triclopyr triethylamine for the control of wetland weeds

New Zealand Plant Protection

Based on: Champion P.D., James T.K. & Carney E.C. (2008)

Prevention strategies for field traffic-induced subsoil compaction: a review. Part 2. Equipment and field practices

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Chamen T., Alakukku L., Pires S., Sommer C., Spoor G., Tijink F. & Weisskopf P. (2003)

Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination reduces the severity and progression of tuberculosis in badgers

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Based on: Chambers M.A., Rogers F., Delahay R.J., Lesellier S., Ashford R., Dalley D., Gowtage S., Davé D., Palmer S., Brewer J., Crawshaw T., Clifton-Hadley R., Carter S., Cheeseman C., Hanks C., Murray A., Palphramand K., Pietravalle S., Smith G.C., Tomlinson A., Walker N.J., Wilson G.J., Corner L.A.L., Rushton S.P., Shirley M.D.F., Gettinby G., McDonald R.A. & Hewinson R.G. (2011)

Breeding bird responses to three silvicultural treatments in the Oregon Coast Range

Ecological Applications

Based on: Chambers C.L., McComb W.C. & Tappeiner II J.C. (1999)

Use of artificial roosts by forest-dwelling bats in northern Arizona

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Chambers C.L., Alm V., Siders M.S. & Rabe M.J. (2002)

Factors affecting the use of fauna underpasses by bandicoots and bobtail lizards

Animal Conservation

Based on: Chambers B. & Bencini R. (2015)

Annual and seasonal trends in the use of garden feeders by birds in winter


Based on: Chamberlain D.E., Vickery J.A., Glue D.E., Robinson R.A., Conway G.J., Woodburn R.J.W. & Cannon A.R. (2005)

Bird use of cultivated fallow 'lapwing plots' within English agri-environment schemes

Bird Study

Based on: Chamberlain D., Gough S., Anderson G., MacDonald M., Grice P. & Vickery J. (2009)

Impact of some agricultural practices on carabidae beetles

IOBC/wprs Bulletin

Based on: Chabert A. & Beaufreton C. (2005)

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