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The effects of silvicultural disturbances on the diversity of seed-producing plants in the boreal mixedwood forest

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Based on: Bell F.W. & Newmaster S.G. (2002)

Some of them came home: the Cayman Turtle Farm headstarting project for the green turtle Chelonia mydas


Based on: Bell C. D. L., Parsons J., Austin T. J., Broderick A. C., Ebanks-Petrie G. & Godley B. J. (2005)

Lessons learned from a series of translocations of the archaic Hamilton’s frog and Maud Island frog in central New Zealand

Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2010. Additional case studies from around the globe

Based on: Bell B.D., Bishop P.J. & Germano J.M. (2010)

Grassland management and its effect on the wildlife value of field margins

Proceedings the joint meeting between the British Grassland Society and the British Ecological Society. Grassland management and nature conservation

Based on: Bell A.C., Henry T. & McAdam J.H. (1994)

Efficacies of habitat management techniques in managing maize stem borers in Ethiopia

Crop Protection

Based on: Belay D. & Foster J.E. (2010)

Evaluation of propane exploders as white-tailed deer deterrents

Crop Protection

Based on: Belant J.L., Seamans T.W. & Dwyer C.P. (1996)

Effect of 3-year rotation sequences and pearl millet on population densities of Pratylenchus penetrans and subsequent potato yield

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology

Based on: Belair G., Dauphinais N., Fournier Y., Dangi O.P. & Ciotola M. (2006)

Temporal dynamics of the arthropod community in pear orchards intercropped with aromatic plants

Pest Management Science

Based on: Beizhou S., Zhang J., Jinghui H., Hongying W., Yun K. & Yuncong Y. (2011)

Calcium deficiency in black terns Chlidonias niger nesting on acid bogs


Based on: Beintema A.J., Baarspul T. & de Krijger J.P. (1997)

Reduktion des Kollisionsrisikos von Fledermäusen an Onshore-Windenergieanlagen (RENEBAT II)

Based on: Behr O., Brinkmann R., Korner-Nievergelt F., Nagy M., Niermann I., Reich M. & Simon R. (2016)

Cryopreservation of spermatozoa from freeze-tolerant and intolerant anurans


Based on: Beesley S.G., Costanzo J.P. & Lee R.E. (1998)

Diapause survival and post-diapause performance in bumblebee queens (Bombus terrestris)

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata

Based on: Beekman M., van Stratum P. & Lingeman R. (1998)

Artificial rearing of bumble bees Bombus terrestris selects against heavy queens

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Beekman M., Van Stratum P. & Lingeman R. (2000)

40 years of natterjack toad conservation in Europe


Based on: Beebee T., Cabido C., Eggert C., Mestre I.G., Iraola A., Garin-Barrio I., Griffiths R.A., Miaud C., Oromi N., Sanuy D., Sinsch U. & Tejedo M. (2012)

Decline and flounder of a Sussex common toad (Bufo bufo) population

Herpetological Bulletin

Based on: Beebee T. (2012)

Attempted eradication of house sparrows Passer domesticus from Round Island (Mauritius), Indian Ocean

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Bednarczuk E., Feare C.J., Lovibond S., Tatayah V. & Jones C.G. (2010)

Using nitrogen-15 to quantify vegetative buffer effectiveness for sequestering nitrogen in runoff

Journal of Environmental Quality

Based on: Bedard-Haughn A., Tate K.W. & van Kessel C. (2004)

Towards a better understanding of the use of probiotics for preventing chytridiomycosis in Panamanian golden frogs


Based on: Becker M.H., Harris R.N., Minbiole K.P.C., Schwantes C.R., Rollins-Smith L.A., Reinert L.K., Brucker R.M., Domangue R.J. & Gratwicke B. (2011)

Grazing maintains native plant diversity and promotes community stability in an annual grassland

Ecological Applications

Based on: Beck J.J., Hernández D.L., Pasari J.R. & Zavaleta E.S. (2015)

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