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Combatting adult invasive American bullfrog Lithobates catesbeianus.

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Louette G, Devisscher S & Adriaens T (2014)

Non-Native Species Newsletter: Spring Edition

Based on: Environment Agency Invasive Species Action Group . (2014)

An investigation into the effectiveness of mechanical dredging to remove Corbicula fluminea (Müller, 1774) from test plots in an Irish river system

Management of Biological Invasions

Based on: Sheehan R., Caffrey J.M., Millane M., McLoone P., Moran H. & Lucy F (2014)

PM 9/19 (1) Invasive alien aquatic plants

Bulletin OEPP

Based on: EPPO . (2014)

Red aviation lights on wind turbines do not increase bat–turbine collisions

Animal Conservation

Based on: Bennett V.J. & Hale A.M. (2014)

Effects of pond salinization on survival rate of amphibian hosts infected with the chytrid fungus

Conservation Biology

Based on: Stockwell M.P., Storrie L.J., Pollard C.J., Clulow J. & Mahony J.M. (2014)

Soil quality recovery and crop yield enhancement by combinedapplication of compost and wood to vegetables grown underplastic tunnels

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Bonanomi G., D’Ascoli R., Scotti R., Gaglione S.A., Caceres M.G., Sultana S., Scelza R., Rao M.A. & Zoina A. (2014)

Towards a more sustainable fertilization: Combined use of compost and inorganic fertilization for tomato cultivation

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Hernandez T., Chocano C., Moreno J. & Garcia C. (2014)

Soil carbon dioxide and methane fluxes as affected by tillage and N fertilization in dryland conditions

Plant and Soil

Based on: Plaza-Bonilla D., Cantero-Martínez C., Bareche J., Arrúe J. L. & Álvaro-Fuentes J. (2014)

Sustainable management of an intercropped Mediterranean vineyard

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Mercenaro L., Nieddu G., Pulina P. & Porqueddu C. (2014)

Reduced tillage as an alternative to no-tillage under Mediterranean conditions: A case study

Soil & Tillage Research

Based on: López-Garrido R., Madejón E., León-Camacho M., Girón I., Moreno F. & Murillo J.M. (2014)

Winter cereal root growth and aboveground–belowground biomass ratios as affected by site and tillage system in dryland Mediterranean conditions

Plant and Soil

Based on: Plaza-Bonilla D., Álvaro-Fuentes J., Hansen N.C., Lampurlanés J. & Cantero-Martínez C. (2014)

Dry pea (Pisum sativum L.) yielding and weed infestation response, under different tillage conditions

Crop Protection

Based on: Santín-Montanyá M.I., Zambrana E., Fernández-Getino A.P. & Tenorio J.L. (2014)

Tillage and slurry over-fertilization affect oribatid mite communities in a semiarid Mediterranean environment

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: Bosch-Serra T.D., Padró R., Boixadera-Bosch R.R., Orobitg J. & Yagüe M.R. (2014)

Soil management effects on greenhouse gases production at the macroaggregate scale

Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Based on: Plaza-Bonilla D., Cantero-Martínez C. & Álvaro-Fuentes J. (2014)

Tillage and nitrogen fertilization effects on nitrous oxide yield-scaled emissions in a rainfed Mediterranean area

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Based on: Plaza-Bonilla D., Álvaro-Fuentes J., Arrúe J.L. & Cantero-Martínez C. (2014)

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