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Effects of terrestrial buffer zones on amphibians on golf courses


Based on: Puglis H.J. & Boone M.D. (2012)

Effects of the Arable Stewardship Pilot Scheme on breeding birds at field and farm-scales

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Stevens D.K. & Bradbury R.B. (2006)

Effects of the disinfectant Virkin S on early life-stages of the moor frog (Rana arvalis)


Based on: Hangartner S. & Laurila A. (2012)

Effects of the Iron Baron oil spill on little penguins (Eudyptula minor). III. Breeding success of rehabilitated oiled birds

Wildlife Research

Based on: Giese M., Goldsworthy S.D., Gales R., Hamill J. & Brothers N. (2000)

Effects of the landscape context on aphid-ant-predator interactions on cherry trees

Biological Control

Based on: Stutz S. & Entling M.H. (2011)

Effects of the risk of competition and predation on large secondary cavity breeders

Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Charter M., Izhaki I. & Leshem Y. (2010)

Effects of the Swiss agri-environmental scheme on biodiversity and water quality

Mitteilungen der Biologischen Bundesanstalt für Land-u. Forstwirtschaft

Based on: Herzog F., Buholzer S., Dreier S., Hofer G., Jeanneret P., Pfiffner L., Poiger T., Prasuhn V., Richner W., Schupbach B., Spiess E., Spiess M., Walter T. & Winzeler M. (2006)

Effects of thinning on structural development in 40-to 100-year-old Douglas-fir stands in western Oregon

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Bailey J.D. & Tappeiner J.C. (1998)

Effects of tillage and fallow period management on soil physical behaviour and maize development

Agricultural Water Management

Based on: Alletto L., Coquet Y. & Justes E. (2011)

Effects of Tillage on Phosphorus Release Potential in a Spanish Vertisol

Soil Science Society of America Journal

Based on: Saavedra C., Velasco J., Pajuelo P., Perea F. & Delgado A. (2007)

Effects of timber harvest on amphibian populations: understanding mechanisms from forest experiments


Based on: Semlitsch R.D., Todd B.D., Blomquist S.M., Calhoun A.J.K., Whitfield-Gibbons J., Gibbs J.P., Graeter G.J., Harper E.B., Hocking D.J., Hunter M.L., Patrick D.A., Rittenhouse T.A.G. & Rothermel B.B. (2009)

Effects of timing of grazing on arthropod communities in semi-natural grasslands

Journal of Insect Science

Based on: Lenoir L. & Lennartsson T. (2010)

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