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Observations on two commercial flower mixtures as food sources for beneficial insects

Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge

Based on: Carreck N.L. & Williams I.H. (1997)

Sowing native tussock species in high altitude revegetation trials

Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society

Based on: Dunbar G.A. (1970)

Control of Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), a pest in Bombus terrestris (Hymenoptera: Apidae) colonies

The Canadian Entomologist

Based on: Kwon Y.J., Saeed S. & Duchateau M.J. (2003)

The maintenance of Poa cita grassland by grazing

New Zealand Journal of Ecology

Based on: Lord J. (1990)

The reintroduction of the Andean condor into Colombia, South America: 1989-1991


Based on: Lieberman A., Rodriguez J.V., Paez J.M. & Wiley J. (1993)

Recovery of Northern Fiordland alpine grassland after reduction in the deer population

New Zealand Journal of Ecology

Based on: Rose A. & Platt K.H. (1987)

Bee diversity and abundance in an urban setting

The Canadian Entomologist

Based on: Tommasi D., Miro A., Higo H. & Winston M.L. (2004)

The eradication of feral cats from Ascension Island and its subsequent recolonization by seabirds


Based on: Ratcliffe N., Bell M., Pelembe T., Boyle D., Benjamin R., White R., Godley B., Stevenson J. & Sanders S. (2010)

Maintenance of bumble bee colonies in observation hives (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

The Canadian Entomologist

Based on: Pomeroy N. & Plowright R.C. (1980)

Bumble bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) activity and loss in commercial tomato greenhouses

The Canadian Entomologist

Based on: Morandin L.A., Laverty T.M., Kevan P.G., Khosla S. & Shipp L. (2001)

Agricultural landscapes with organic crops support higher pollinator diversity


Based on: Holzschuh A., Steffan-Dewenter I. & Tscharntke T. (2008)

Effects of grazing on indigenous shrubs in tussock grassland at Cass, Canterbury, New Zealand

New Zealand Journal of Botany

Based on: Primack R.B. (1978)

Conservation of Zino's petrel Pterodroma madeira in the archipelago of Madeira


Based on: Zino F., Oliveira P., King S., Buckle A., Biscoito M., Neves H.C. & Vasconcelos A. (2001)

First observation of cavity nesting by a female blue grosbeak

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Risch T.S. & Robinson T.J. (2006)

Chionochloa rigida tussocks thirteen years after spring and autumn fire, Flagstaff, New Zealand

New Zealand Journal of Botany

Based on: Gitay H., Wilson J.B., Lee W.G., & (1991)

Effects of prescribed fire on depredation rates of natural and artificial seaside sparrow nests

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Almario B.S., Marra P.P., Gates J.E. & Mitchell L. (2009)

Effects of management practices on narrow-leaved snow tussock, Chionochloa rigida

New Zealand Journal of Botany

Based on: Mark A.F. (1965)

Can supplemental foraging perches enhance habitat for endangered San Clemente loggerhead shrikes?

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Lynn S., Martin J.A. & Garcelon D.K. (2006)

Shrub-grassland small mammal and vegetation responses to rest from grazing

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Rosenstock S.S. (1996)

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