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Response of direct seeded Pinus palustris and herbaceous vegetation to fertilization, burning, and pine straw harvesting

Biomass and Bioenergy

Based on: Haywood J.D., Tiarks A.E., Elliott-Smith M.L. & Pearson H.A. (1998)

Effects of cover crop quality and quantity on nematode-based soil food webs and nutrient cycling

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: DuPont S.T., Ferris H. & Van H.M. (2009)

Cattle grazing, raptor abundance and small mammal communities in Mediterranean grasslands

Basic and Applied Ecology

Based on: Torre I., Diaz M., Martínez-Padilla J., Bonal R., Vinuela J. & Fargallo J.A. (2007)

Prescribed burning and browsing to control tree encroachment in southern European heathlands

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Ascoli D., Lonati M., Marzano R., Bovio G., Cavallero A. & Lombardi G. (2013)

Predator exclusion as a management option for increasing white-tailed deer recruitment

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Conner L.M., Cherry M.J., Rutledge B.T., Killmaster C.H., Morris G. & Smith L.L. (2016)

Predation of wildlife by domestic cats Felis catus in Great Britain

Mammal Review

Based on: Woods M., McDonald R.A. & Harris S. (2003)

Impact of a bycatch reduction device on diamondback terrapin and blue crab capture in crab pots

Ecological Applications

Based on: Roosenburg W.M. & Green J.P. (2000)

Novel tools to reduce seabird bycatch in coastal gillnet fisheries

Conservation Biology

Based on: Melvin E.F., Parrish J.K. & Conquest L.L. (1999)

Food-supplementation does not override the effect of egg mass on fitness-related traits of nestling house wrens

Journal of Animal Ecology

Based on: Styrsky J.D., Dobbs R.C. & Thompson C.F. (2000)

Observations on Phacelia tanacetifolia Bentham (Hydrophyllaceae) as a food plant for honey bees and bumble bees

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Williams I.H. & Christian D.G. (1991)

Rotator for protecting circular fish ponds against predatory birds

The Progressive Fish-Culturist

Based on: Svensson K.M. (1976)

Influence of water depth on nest success of the endangered Cape Sable seaside sparrow in the Florida Everglades

Animal Conservation

Based on: Baiser B., Boulton R.L. & Lockwood J.L. (2008)

The effect of direct drilling and minimal cultivation on earthworm populations

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Edwards C.A. & Lofty J.R. (1982)

Management options for the establishment of communities of rare arable weeds on set-aside land

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Neve P., Mortimer A.M. & Putwain P.D. (1996)

Breeding rates of Eurasian kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) in relation to surrounding habitat in southwest Spain

Journal of Raptor Research

Based on: Aviles J.M., Sanchez J.M. & Parejo D. (2001)

Natural enemy abundance and activity in a maize-leucaena agroforestry system in Kenya

Environmental Entomology

Based on: Ogol C.K.P.O., Spence J.R. & Keddie A. (1998)

Effect of streambank fencing on herpetofauna in pasture stream zones

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Homyack J.D. & Giuliano W.M (2002)

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