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Effects of gravel augmentation on macroinvertebrate assemblages in a regulated California river

River Research and Applications

Based on: Merz J.E. & Chan L.K.O. (2005)

Effects of grazing and invasive grasses on desert vertebrates in California

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Germano D.J., Rathbun G.B. & Saslaw L.R. (2012)

Effects of grazing exclusion on rangeland vegetation and soils, east central Idaho

Western North American Naturalist

Based on: Yeo J.J. (2005)

Effects of grazing intensity in grasslands of the Espinal of central Chile

Journal of Vegetation Science

Based on: del Pozo A., Ovalle C., Casado M.A., Acosta B. & de Miguel J.M. (2006)

Effects of grazing management on beetle and plant assemblages during the re-creation of a flood-plain meadow

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Based on: Woodcock B.A., Lawson C.S., Mann D.J. & McDonald A.W. (2006)

Effects of grazing on a salt marsh

Biological Conservation

Based on: Reimold R.J., Linthurst R.A. & Wolf P.L. (1975)

Effects of grazing on indigenous shrubs in tussock grassland at Cass, Canterbury, New Zealand

New Zealand Journal of Botany

Based on: Primack R.B. (1978)

Effects of grazing on nesting by upland sandpipers in southcentral North Dakota

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Bowen B.S. & Kruse A.D. (1993)

Effects of grazing on the demography and growth of the Texas tortoise

Conservation Biology

Based on: Kazmaier R.T., Hellgren E.C., , & Synatzske D.R. (2001)

Effects of habitat management on heathland response to atmospheric nitrogen deposition

Biological Conservation

Based on: Barker C.G., Power S.A., Bell J.N.B. & Orme C.D.L. (2004)

Effects of habitat management on vegetation and above-ground nesting bees and wasps of orchard meadows in Central Europe

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Steffan-Dewenter I. & Leschke K. (2003)

Effects of habitat on the use of supplementary food by farmland birds in winter


Based on: Siriwardena G.M. & Stevens D.K. (2004)

Effects of Hand-Rearing and Radiotransmitters on Flight of Gray Partridge

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Putaala A., Oksa J., Rintamaki H. & Hissa R. (1997)

Effects of Hatch Date and Food Supply on Gosling Growth in Arctic-Nesting Greater Snow Geese

The Condor

Based on: Lindholm A., Gauthier G. & Desrochers A. (1994)

Effects of headland management on Carabid beetle communities in Breckland cereal fields


Based on: Cardwell C., Hassall M. & White P. (1994)

Effects of headland management on invertebrate communities in cereal fields.

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Hassall M., Hawthorne A., Maudsley M., White P. & Cardwell C. (1992)

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