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The role of microhabitats in the desiccation and survival of amphibians in recently harvested oak-hickory forest


Based on: Rittenhouse T.A.G., Harper E.B., Rehard L.E. & Semlitsch R.D. (2008)

Effects of forest management on amphibians and reptiles in Missouri Ozark forests

Conservation Biology

Based on: Renken R.B., Gram W.K., Fantz D.K., Richter S.C., Miller T.J., Ricke K.B., Russell B. & Wang X. (2004)

Translocation of California red-legged frogs (Rana aurora daytonii)

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Rathbun G.B. & Schneider J. (2001)

Cognitive and emotional evaluation of an amphibian conservation program for elementary school students

Journal of Environmental Education

Based on: Randler C., Ilg A. & Kern J. (2005)

Boreal Baltic coastal meadow management for Bufo calamita

Coastal meadow management - best practice guidelines

Based on: Rannap R. (2004)

Restoring ponds for amphibians: a success story


Based on: Rannap R., Lõhmus A. & Briggs L. (2009)

Amphibian mitigation measures on Hungarian roads: design, efficiency, problems and possible improvement, need for a co-ordinated European environmental education strategy

International Conference on Habitat Fragmentation due to Transportation Infrastructure

Based on: Puky M. & Vogel Z. (2003)

Captive propagation of endangered Houston toads

Herpetological Review

Based on: Quinn H. (1980)

Captive propagation/release and relocation program of the endangered Houston toad, Bufo houstonensis

Proceedings of the 1989 American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums National Conference

Based on: Quinn H., Peterson K., Mays S., Freed P. & Neitman K. (1989)

The Carolina Herp Atlas: an online, citizen-science approach to document amphibian and reptile occurrences

Herpetological Conservation and Biology

Based on: Price S.J. & Dorcas M.E. (2011)

Effects of terrestrial buffer zones on amphibians on golf courses


Based on: Puglis H.J. & Boone M.D. (2012)

Stream buffers ameliorate the effects of timber harvest on amphibians in the Cascade Range of southern Washington, USA

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Pollett K.L., MacCracken J.G. & MacMahon J.A. (2010)

The role of forest harvesting and subsequent vegetative regrowth in determining patterns of amphibian habitat use

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Popescu V.D., Patrick D.A., HunterJr. M.L. & Calhoun A.J.K. (2012)

Increased use of ponds by breeding natterjack toads, Bufo calamita, following management

Herpetological Journal

Based on: Phillips R.A., Patterson D. & Shimmings P. (2002)

Long-term persistence of amphibian populations in a restored wetland complex

Biological Conservation

Based on: Petranka J.W., Harp E.M., Holbrook C.T. & Hamel J.A. (2007)

Reptile and amphibian responses to restoration of fire-maintained pine woodlands

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Perry R.W., Rudolph D.C. & Thill R.E. (2009)

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