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The presence of sheep leads to increases in plant diversity and reductions in the impact of deer on heather

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: DeGabriel J.L., Albon S.D., Fielding D.A., Riach D.J., Westaway S. & Irvine R.J. (2011)

Vegetative response of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi to experimental cutting and burning

Plant Ecology

Based on: del Barrio J., Luis-Calabuig E. & Tárrega R. (1999)

Effect of the presence of nectar feeders on the breeding success of Salvia mexicana and Salvia fulgens in a suburban park near México City

Biological Conservation

Based on: del Coro Arizmendi M., Constanza M., Lourdes J., Ivonne F. & Edgar L. (2007)

Effects of grazing intensity in grasslands of the Espinal of central Chile

Journal of Vegetation Science

Based on: del Pozo A., Ovalle C., Casado M.A., Acosta B. & de Miguel J.M. (2006)

Community-based, low-tech method of restoring a lost thicket of Acropora corals

Based on: dela Cruz D.W., Villanueva R.D. & Baria M.V.B. (2014)

Density and reproductive success of Florida grasshopper sparrows following fire

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Delany M.F., Linda S.B., Pranty B. & Perkins D.W. (2002)

Organic pepper production systems using compost and cover crops

Biological Agriculture & Horticulture

Based on: Delate K., Friedrich H. & Lawson V. (2003)

Avian use and vegetation characteristics of Conservation Reserve Program fields

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Delisle J.M. & Savidge J.A. (1997)

The breeding and re-establishment of the brush-tailed bettong, Bettongia penicillata, in South Australia

Australian Wildlife Research

Based on: Delroy L.B., Earl J., Radbone I., Robinson A.C. & Hewett M. (1986)

Clay and biochar amendments decreased inorganic but not dissolved organic nitrogen leaching in soil

Soil Research

Based on: Dempster D.N., Jones D.L. & Murphy D.V. (2012)

Replacing organic with mineral N fertilization does not reduce nitrate leaching in double crop forage systems under Mediterranean conditions

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Based on: Demurtas C.E., Seddaiu G., Ledda L., Cappai C., Doro L., Carletti A. & Roggero P.P. (2016)

The effects of timber harvest, forest fire, and herbivores on regeneration of deciduous trees in boreal pine-dominated forests

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Based on: Den Herder M., Kouki J. & Ruusila V. (2009)

Effects of reindeer browsing on tundra willow and its associated insect herbivores

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Den Herder M., Virtanen R. & Roininen H. (2004)

Providing artificial nest platforms for Cabot's tragopan Tragopan caboti (Aves: Galliformes): a useful conservation tool?


Based on: Deng W.-H., Zheng G.-M., Zhang Z.W., Garson P.J. & McGowan P.J.K. (2005)

The effects of livestock grazing on foliar arthropods associated with bird diet in upland grasslands of Scotland

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Dennis P., Skartveit J., McCracken D.I., Pakeman R.J., Beaton K., Kunaver A. & Evans D.M. (2008)

The effects of varied grazing management on epigeal spiders, harvestmen and pseudoscorpions of Nardus stricta grassland in upland Scotland

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Dennis P., Young M.R. & Bentley C. (2001)

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