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Highway mitigation fencing reduces wildlife-vehicle collisions

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Clevenger A.P., Chruszcz B. & Gunson K.E. (2001)

Drainage culverts as habitat linkages and factors affecting passage by mammals

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Clevenger A.P., Chruszcz B. & Gunson K. (2001)

Performance indices to identify attributes of highway crossing structures facilitating movement of large mammals

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Clevenger A.P. & Waltho N. (2005)

Restoration of a Limestone Quarry: Effect of Soil Amendments on the Establishment of Native Mediterranean Sclerophyllous Shrubs

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Clemente A.S., Werner C., Máguas C., Cabral M.S., , & Correia O. (2004)

Review and analysis of Australian macropod translocations 1969-2006

Mammal Review

Based on: Clayton J.A., Pavey C.R., Vernes K. & Tighe M. (2014)

Assessment of the December 2004 Lagarosiphon major control programme in Lake Wanaka

Lagarosiphon major

Based on: Clayton J. & Franklyn G. (2005)

Assessment of the 2004 Lagarosiphon major control programme in Lake Wanaka

Lagarosiphon major

Based on: Clayton J. & Franklyn G. (2005)

The management of set-aside within a farm and its impact on birds

Proceedings - Brighton Crop Protection Conference

Based on: Clarke J.H., Jones N.E., Hill D.A. & Tucker G.M. (1997)

A comparison of logging systems and bat diversity in the Neotropics

Conservation Biology

Based on: Clarke F.M., Pio D.V. & Racey P.A. (2005)

Chemical bird repellents: possible use in cyanide ponds

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Clark L. & Shah P.S. (1993)

Correlates of success for on-site releases of nuisance black bears in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Clark J.E., van Manen F.T. & Pelton M.R. (2002)

Post‐release acclimation of translocated low‐elevation, non‐migratory bighorn sheep

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Clapp J.G., Beck J.L. & Gerow K.G. (2014)

Effect of supplemental food on the breeding of blue and great tits in Mediterranean habitats

Ornis Scandinavica

Based on: Clamens A. & Isenmann P. (1989)

The effect of thinning on bat activity in Italian high forests: the LIFE+ "ManFor C.BD." experience

Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Cistrone L., Altea T., Matteucci G., Posillico M., De Cinti B. & Russo D. (2015)

Conservation and community benefits from traditional coral reef management at Ahus Island, Papua New Guinea

Conservation Biology

Based on: Cinner J.E., Marnane M.J. & MCClanahan T.R. (2005)

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