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To graze or not to graze? Sheep, voles, forestry and nature conservation in the British uplands

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Evans D.M., Redpath S.M., Elston D.A., Evans S.A., Mitchell R.J. & Dennis P. (2006)

To hunt or not to hunt? A feeding enrichment experiment with captive large felids

Zoo Biology

Based on: Bashaw M.J., Bloomsmith M.A., Marr M.J. & Maple T.L. (2003)

To what extent do forest herbs recover after clearcutting in beech forest?

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Godefroid S., Rucquoij S. & Koedam N. (2005)

Toad trackers: amphibians as gateway species to biodiversity stewardship

Herpetological Review

Based on: Rommel R.E. (2012)

Topsoil removal in degraded rich fens: can we force an ecosystem reset?

Ecological Engineering

Based on: Emsens W.-J., Aggenbach C.J.S., Smolders A.J.P. & Van Diggelen R. (2015)

Topsoil seed banks in grazed and ungrazed eucalypt woodlands at Newholme, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia

New Zealand Journal of Botany

Based on: Grant C.D. & Macgregor C.M. (2001)

Tortoises and tourists in the western Indian Ocean: the Curieuse experiment

Biological Conservation

Based on: Stoddart D.R., Cowx D., Peet C. & Wilson J.R. (1982)

Tourism, infant mortality and stress indicators among Tibetan macaques at Huangshan, China

Based on: Berman C.M., Matheson M.D., Li J.H., Ogawa H. & Ionica C.S. (2014)

Towards a better understanding of the use of probiotics for preventing chytridiomycosis in Panamanian golden frogs


Based on: Becker M.H., Harris R.N., Minbiole K.P.C., Schwantes C.R., Rollins-Smith L.A., Reinert L.K., Brucker R.M., Domangue R.J. & Gratwicke B. (2011)

Towards a more sustainable fertilization: Combined use of compost and inorganic fertilization for tomato cultivation

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Hernandez T., Chocano C., Moreno J. & Garcia C. (2014)

Toxicity of glyphosate as glypro and LI700 to red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) embryos and early hatchlings

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Based on: Sparling D., Matson C., Bickham J. & Doelling-Brown P. (2006)

Trade-offs between winter cover crop production and soil water depletion in the San Joaquin Valley, California

Journal of soil and water conservation

Based on: Mitchell J.P., Shrestha A. & Irmak S. (2015)

Trade-offs in marine protection: multispecies interactions within a community-led temperate marine reserve

Based on: Howarth L.M., Dubois P., Gratton P., Judge M., Christie B., Waggitt J.J., Hawkins J.P., Roberts C.M. & Stewart B.D. (2017)

Tradeoffs in the Rehabilitation of a Succulent Karoo Rangeland

Land Degradation and Development

Based on: Hanke W., Wesuls D., Münchberger W. & Schmiedel U (2015)

Traffic and residue management systems: effects on fate of fertilizer N in corn

Soil & Tillage Research

Based on: Torbert H.A. & Reeves D.W. (1995)

Transference of semi-natural grassland and marshland onto newly created landfill

Biological Conservation

Based on: Worthington T.R. & Helliwell D.R. (1987)

Transition to conservation tillage evaluated in San Joaquin Valley cotton and tomato rotations

California Agriculture

Based on: Mitchell J.P., Southard R.J., Madden N.M., Klonsky K.M., Baker J.B., DeMoura R., Horwath W.R., Munk D.S., Wroble J.F., Hembree K.J. & Wallender W.W. (2008)

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