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Soil structural stability and erosion rates influenced by agricultural management practices in a semi-arid Mediterranean agro-ecosystem

Soil Use and Management

Based on: García-Orenes F., Roldán A., Mataix-Solera J., Cerda A., Campoy M., Arcenegui V. & Caravaca F. (2012)

Soil structure rehabilitation of arable soil degraded by compaction


Based on: Langmaack M., Schrader S., Rapp-Bernhardt U. & Kotzke K. (2002)

Soil structure stability under conventional and reduced tillage in a sandy loam


Based on: Daraghmeh O.A., Jensen J.R. & Petersen C.T. (2009)

Soil-plant nitrogen dynamics following incorporation of a mature rye cover crop in a lettuce production system

Journal of Agricultural Science

Based on: Wyland L.J., Jackson L.E. & Schulbach K.F. (1995)

Solutions to seabird bycatch in Alaska's demersal longline fisheries

Based on: Melvin E.F., Parrish J.K., Dietrich K.S. & Hamel O.S. (2001)

Some characteristics of heath fires in north-east Scotland

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Kayll A.J. (1966)

Some considerations for future raptor rehabilitation

Raptor Research

Based on: Olsen J. & Olsen P. (1980)

Some effects of cereal pesticides on gamebirds and other farmland fauna

Recent developments in cereal production.

Based on: Rands M.R.W., Sotherton N.W. & Moreby S.J. (1984)

Some effects of set-aside on breeding birds in northeast Scotland

Bird Study

Based on: Watson A. & Rae R. (1997)

Some herbage responses to fire on pine-wiregrass range

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Lewis C.E. & Hart R.H. (1972)

Some of them came home: the Cayman Turtle Farm headstarting project for the green turtle Chelonia mydas


Based on: Bell C. D. L., Parsons J., Austin T. J., Broderick A. C., Ebanks-Petrie G. & Godley B. J. (2005)

Songbird community composition and nesting success in grazed and ungrazed pinyon-juniper woodlands

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Goguen C.B. & Mathews N.E. (1998)

Songbirds using crops planted on farmland as cover for game birds

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Sage R.B., Parish D.M.B., Woodburn M.I.A. & Thompson P.G.L. (2005)

Sowing native tussock species in high altitude revegetation trials

Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society

Based on: Dunbar G.A. (1970)

Sown field margins: why stop at grass?

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Smith H., Feber R. & MacDonald D. (1999)

Sown wildflower areas to enhance spiders in arable fields.

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Schmidt-Entling M.H. & Dobeli J. (2009)

Space use by a reintroduced serval in Mount Currie Nature Reserve

South African Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Perrin M.R. (2002)

Spartina anglica: a review of its status, dynamics and management (ENRR527)

Based on: Lacambra C., Cutts N., Allen J., Burd F. & Elliott M. (2004)

Spatial assessment of benefits of a coastal Mediterranean Marine Protected Area

Biological Conservation

Based on: Stelzenmüller V., Maynou F. & Martín P. (2008)

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