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Diet and condition of wild boar, Sus scrofa scrofa, without supplementary feeding

Based on: Bruinderink G., Hazebroek E. & Vandervoot H. (1994)

The use of soil disturbance in the management of Breckland grass heaths

Journal of Environmental Management

Based on: Dolman P.M. & Sutherland W.J. (1994)

Extending field boundary habitats to enhance farmland wildlife and improve crop and environmental protection

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Marshall E.J.P., West T.M. & Winstone L. (1994)

Effects of unsprayed crop edges on farmland birds

British Crop Protection Council Monographs

Based on: de Snoo G.R., Dobbelstein R. & Koelewijn S. (1994)

Researchers find short-term insect problems, long-term weed problems

California Agriculture

Based on: Lanini W.T., Zalom F., Marois J. & Ferris H. (1994)

The swift fox reintroduction program in Canada from 1983 to 1992

Based on: Carbyn L.N., Armbruster H.J. & Mamo C. (1994)

The Impact of Grazing on Communities of Ground-Dwelling Spiders (Araneae) in Upland Vegetation Types

Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy

Based on: McFerran D.M., Montgomery W.I. & McAdam J.H. (1994)

The effect of restoration techniques on flora and microfauna of hawthorn-dominated hedges.

Proceedings of the Hedgerow management and nature conservation: British Ecological Society Conservation Ecology Group

Based on: McAdam J.H., Bell A.C. & Henry T. (1994)

Responses of little brown myotis to exclusion and to bat houses

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Neilson A.L. & Fenton M.B. (1994)

Preliminary response of Sandhills prairie to fire and bison grazing

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Pfeiffer K.E. & Steuter A.A. (1994)

Recovery of the Kakerori: An Endangered Forest Bird of the Cook Islands

Conservation Biology

Based on: Robertson H.A., Hay J.R. & Saul E.K. (1994)

Case study: Lomax Brow: great crested newt project

Proceedings of the Conservation and Management of Great Crested Newts

Based on: Horton P.J. & Branscombe J. (1994)

Forage for Bees in an Agricultural Landscape

Use of the Tubingen mix for bee pasture in Germany

Based on: Engels W., Schulz U. & Radle M. (1994)

Commercial picking of Banksia hookeriana in the wild reduces subsequent shoot, flower and seed production

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Witkowski E.T.F., Lamont B.B. & Obbens F.J. (1994)

Cover-Crop-Enhanced Water Infiltration of a Slowly Permeable Fine Sandy Loam

Soil Science Society of America Journal

Based on: Gulick S.H., Grimes D.W., Goldhamer D.A. & Munk D.S. (1994)

A study of rehabilitated juvenile hedgehogs after release into the wild

Animal Welfare

Based on: Morris P.A. & Warwick H. (1994)

The effects of field margin restoration on the meadow brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina)

British Crop Protection Council Monographs

Based on: Feber R.E., Smith H. & Macdonald D.W. (1994)

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