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A field experiment to recreate species rich hay meadows using regional seed mixtures

Biological Conservation

Based on: Jongepierova I., Mitchley J. & Tzanopoulos J. (2007)

Reducing sea turtle interactions in the Hawaii-based longline swordfish fishery

Biological Conservation

Based on: Gilman E., Kobayashi D., Swenarton T., Brothers N., Dalzell P. & Kinan-Kelly I. (2007)

Open-pit sunken planting: a tree establishment technique for dry environments

Agroforestry Systems

Based on: Von Carlowitz P.G. & Wolf G.V. (1991)

Vegetation dynamics in burnt heather-gorse shrublands under different grazing management with sheep and goats

Agroforestry Systems

Based on: Jáuregui B.M., Celaya R., Garcia U. & Osoro K. (2007)

Nestbox provisioning in a rural population of Eurasian kestrels: breeding performance, nest predation and parasitism

Bird Study

Based on: Fargallo J.A., Blanco G., Potti J. & Vinuela J. (2001)

Forest villages: an agroforestry approach to rehabilitating forest land degraded by shifting cultivation in Thailand

Agroforestry Systems

Based on: Boonkird S.A., Fernandes E.C.M. & Nair P.K.R. (1985)

Recovery of the Galapagos rail (Laterallus spilonotus) following the removal of invasive mammals

Biological Conservation

Based on: Donlan C.J., Campbell K., Cabrera W., Lavoie C., Carrion V. & Cruz F. (2007)

Effects of rearing methods on survival of released free-ranging juvenile southern sea otters

Biological Conservation

Based on: Nicholson T.E., Mayer K.A., Staedler M.M. & Johnson A.B. (2007)

The use of a nutritional supplement to improve egg production in the endangered kakapo

Biological Conservation

Based on: Houston D., Mcinnes K., Elliott G., Eason D., Moorhouse R. & Cockrem J. (2007)

Assessment of the effectiveness of mangrove rehabilitation using exploited and non-exploited indicator species

Biological Conservation

Based on: Walton M.E., Le Vay L., Lebata J.H., Binas J. & Primavera J.H. (2007)

Eucalypt plantations as habitat for birds on previously cleared farmland in south-eastern Australia

Biological Conservation

Based on: Loyn R.H., McNabb E.G., Macak P. & Noble P. (2007)

Burning season influences the response of bird assemblages to fire in tropical savannas

Biological Conservation

Based on: Valentine L.E., Schwarzkopf L., Johnson C.N. & Grice A.C. (2007)

Reducing the rate of predation on wildlife by pet cats: the efficacy and practicability of collar-mounted pounce protectors

Biological Conservation

Based on: Calver M., Thomas S., Bradley S. & McCutcheon H. (2007)

Grazing management impacts on the viability of the threatened bog fritillary butterfly Proclossiana eunomia

Biological Conservation

Based on: Schtickzelle N., Turlure C. & Baguette M. (2007)

Spatial assessment of benefits of a coastal Mediterranean Marine Protected Area

Biological Conservation

Based on: Stelzenmüller V., Maynou F. & Martín P. (2008)

Effectiveness of five small Philippines' coral reef reserves for fish populations depends on site-specific factors, particularly enforcement history

Biological Conservation

Based on: Samoilys M.A., Giles B.G., Cabrera B., Anticamara J.A., Brunio E.O. & Vincent A.C.J. (2007)

The impact of marine reserves on nekton diversity and community composition in subtropical eastern Australia

Biological Conservation

Based on: Pillans S., Pillans R.D. & Possingham H.P. (2007)

Swift fox reintroductions on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Montana, USA

Biological Conservation

Based on: Ausband D.E. & Foresman K.R. (2007)

The conservation of arable plants on cereal field margins: an assessment of new agri-environment scheme options in England, UK

Biological Conservation

Based on: Walker K.J., Critchley C.N.R., Sherwood A.J., Large R., Nuttall P., Hulmes S., Rose R. & Mountford J.O. (2007)

Management regimes for a plant invader differentially impact resident communities

Biological Conservation

Based on: Mason T.J. & French K. (2007)

Return to the wild: translocation as a tool in conservation of the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii)

Biological Conservation

Based on: Field K.J., Tracy C.R., Medica P.A., Marlow R.W. & Corn P.S. (2007)

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