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Survival and mortality of translocated woodland caribou

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Compton B.B., Zager P. & Servheen G. (1995)

Deterring coastal birds from roosting on oyster culture gear in eastern New Brunswick, Canada

Aquacultural Engineering

Based on: Comeau L.A., St Onge P., Pernet F. & Lanteigne L. (2009)

Release techniques and predation in the introduction of houbara bustards in Saudi Arabia

Biological Conservation

Based on: Combreau O. & Smith T.R. (1998)

Flower, nectar and insect visits: evaluating British plant species for pollinator-friendly gardens

Annals of Botany

Based on: Comba L., Corbet S.A., Hunt L.V. & Warren B. (1999)

Garden flowers: Insect visits and the floral reward of horticulturally-modified variants

Annals of Botany

Based on: Comba L., Corbet S.A., Barron A., Bird A., Collinge S., Miyazaki N. & Powell M. (1999)

Ex situ management of five extant species of Atelopus in Ecuador - progress report

Amphibian Ark Newsletter

Based on: Coloma L.A. & Almeida-Reinoso D. (2012)

Active land use improves reindeer pastures: evidence from a patch choice experiment

Journal of Zoology

Based on: Colman J.E., Mysterud A., Jørgensen N.H. & Moe S.R. (2009)

Effects of culverts and roadside fencing on the rate of roadkill of small terrestrial vertebrates in northern Limpopo, South Africa

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Collinson W. J., Davies-Mostert H. T. & Davies-Mostert W. (2017)

Relationships between polyphagous predator density and overwintering habitat within arable field margins and beetle banks

British Crop Protection Conference: Pests and Diseases

Based on: Collins K.L., Wilcox A., Chaney K. & Boatman N.D. (1996)

Effects of different grass treatments used to create overwintering habitat for predatory arthropods on arable farmland

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Based on: Collins K.L., Boatman N.D., Wilcox A. & Holland J.M. (2003)

Influence of beetle banks on cereal aphid predation in winter wheat

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Collins K.L, Boatman N.D, Wilcox A, Holland J.M & Chaney K (2002)

A critical evaluation of augmentative biological control

Biological Control

Based on: Collier T. & Van Steenwyk R. (2004)

Survival of captive-reared Hispaniolan parrots released in Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic

The Condor

Based on: Collazo J.A., White T.H. Jr., Vilella F.J. & Guerrero S.A. (2003)

Slow responses of understory plants of maple-dominated forests to white-tailed deer experimental exclusion

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Collard A., Lapointe L., Ouellet J., Crête M., Lussier A., Daigle C. & Côté S.D. (2010)

Grizzly bear and human interaction in Yellowstone National Park: An evaluation of bear management areas

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Coleman T.H., Schwartz C.C., Gunther K.A. & Creel S. (2013)

Conservation benefits of a network of marine reserves and partially protected areas

Based on: Coleman M.A., Palmer-Brodie A. & Kelaher B.P. (2013)

Elk and bison management on Oglala Sioux Game Range

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Cole R.S. (1974)

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