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Short-term effects and long-term after-effects of fertilizer application on the flowering population of green-winged orchid Orchis morio

Biological Conservation

Based on: Silvertown J., Wells D.A., Gillman M., Dodd M.E., Robertson H. & Lakhani K.H. (1994)

Effects of shelterwood harvest and prescribed fire in upland Appalachian hardwood forests on bat activity

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Silvis A., Gehrt S.D. & Williams R.A. (2016)

Selective and non-selective control of invasive plants: the short-term effects of growing-season prescribed fire, herbicide, and mowing in two Texas prairies

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Simmons M.T., Windhager S., Power P., Lott J., Lyons R.K. & Schwope C. (2007)

Effect of codling moth management on orchard arthropods

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Simon S., Defrance H. & Sauphanor B. (2007)

Providing habitat for native mammals through understory enhancement in forestry plantations

Conservation Biology

Based on: Simonetti J.A., Grez A.A. & Estades C.F. (2013)

Recolonization and recovery dynamics of the macrozoobenthos after sand extraction in relict sand bottoms of the Northern Adriatic Sea

Based on: Simonini R., Ansaloni I., Bonini P., Grandi V., Graziosi F., Iotti M., Massamba-N’Siala G., Mauri M., Montanari G., Preti M., De N.N. & Prevedelli D. (2007)

Food Limitation of Avian Reproduction: An Experiment with the Cactus Wren


Based on: Simons L.S. & Martin T.E. (1990)

Attract and reward: combining chemical ecology and habitat manipulation to enhance biological control in field crops

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Simpson M., Gurr G.M., Simmons A.T., Wratten S.D., James D.G, Leeson G., Nicol H.I. & Orre-Gordon G.U.S. (2011)

Overpasses and underpasses: Effectiveness of crossing structures for migratory ungulates

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Simpson N.O., Stewart K.M., Schroeder C., Cox M., Huebner K. & Wasley T. (2016)

Managing mountain goats at a highway crossing

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Singer F.J. & Doherty J.L. (1985)

Residue and tillage management effects of soil properties of a typic cryoboroll under continuous barley

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Singh B., Chanasyk D.S., McGill W.B. & Nyborg M.P.K. (1994)

Soil physical and hydraulic properties in a rice-wheat cropping system in India: effects of rice-straw management

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Singh G., Jalota S.K. & Sidhu B.S. (2006)

Microbial C, N and P in dry tropical savanna: effects of burning and grazing

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Singh R.S., Srivastava S.C., Raghubanshi A.S., Singh J.S. & Singh S.P. (1991)

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