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Winter management of Californian rice fields for waterbirds

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Elphick C.S. & Oring L.W. (1998)

Winter Release and Management of Reintroduced Migratory Whooping Cranes Grus Americana

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Urbanek R.P., Fondow L.E.A., Zimorski S.E., Wellington M.A. & Nipper M.A. (2010)

Winter survival and territory acquisition in a northern population of black-capped chickadees

The Auk

Based on: Desrochers A., Hannon S.J. & Nordin K.E. (1988)

Winter use of glyphosate-treated clearcuts by moose in Maine

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Eschholz W.E., Servello F.A., Griffith B., Raymond K.S. & Krohn W.B. (1996)

Winter use of south Florida dry prairie by two declining grassland passerines

The Condor

Based on: Butler A.B., Martin J.A., Palmer W.E. & Carroll J.P. (2009)

Winter use of wild bird cover crops by passerines on farmland in northeast England

Bird Study

Based on: Stoate C., Szczur J. & Aebischer N.J. (2003)

Winter wheat pests and their natural enemies under organic farming system in Slovakia: Effect of ploughing and previous crop

Anzeiger Fur Schadlingskunde-Journal of Pest Science

Based on: Gallo J. & Pekar S. (1999)

Wintering ecology of hooded cranes at Chongming Dongtan

Unpublished report to the Conservation Leadership Programme

Based on: Choi C.Y., Cai Y. & Ruan Y. (2010)

Wintering shorebird assemblages and behavior in restored tidal wetlands in southern California

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Armitage A.R., Jensen S.M., Yoon J.E. & Ambrose R.F. (2007)

Wintering shorebirds increase after kelp (Macrocystis) recovery

The Condor

Based on: Bradley R.A. & Bradley D.W. (1993)

Wintering waterbird use of two aquatic plant habitats in a southern reservoir

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Benedict R.J. & Hepp G.R. (2000)

Within-field manipulation of potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) and insect predator populations using an uncut alfalfa strip

Journal of Economic Entomology

Based on: Weiser L.A., Obrycki J.J. & Giles K.L. (2003)

Wolf depredation trends and the use of fladry barriers to protect livestock in western North America

Conservation Biology

Based on: Musiani M., Mamo C., Boitani L., Callaghan C., Gates C.C., Mattei L., Visalberghi E., Breck S. & Volpi G. (2003)

Wolf predation on cattle in Portugal: Assessing the effects of husbandry systems

Biological Conservation

Based on: Pimenta V., Barros I., Boitani L. & Beja P. (2017)

Wolf recovery and population dynamics in Western Poland, 2001-2012

Mammal Research

Based on: Nowak S. & Mysłajek R.W. (2016)

Wood duck nesting box usage in Connecticut

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Frank W.J. (1948)

Wood thrush movements and habitat use: effects of forest management for red-cockaded woodpeckers

The Auk

Based on: Lang J.D., Powell L.A., Krementzet D.G. & Conroy M.J. (2002)

Wooden poles can provide habitat connectivity for a gliding mammal

Australian Mammalogy

Based on: Goldingay R.L., Taylor B.D. & Ball T. (2011)

Woodland loss and restoration in a savannah park: a 20 year experiment

African Journal of Ecology

Based on: Western D. & Maitumo D. (2004)

Woodland loss and restoration in a savannah park: a 20 year experiment

African Journal of Ecology

Based on: Western D. & Maitumo D. (2004)

Woodland regeneration in relation to grazing and fencing in Coed Gorswen, North Wales

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Linhart Y.B. & Whelan R.J. (1980)

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