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The differential response of vegetation to grip blocking

Based on: Armstrong A., Holden J. & Stevens C. (2008)

The effects of prescribed fire on bat communities in the longleaf pine sandhills ecosystem

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Armitage D.W. & Ober H.K. (2012)

Wintering shorebird assemblages and behavior in restored tidal wetlands in southern California

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Armitage A.R., Jensen S.M., Yoon J.E. & Ambrose R.F. (2007)

Bear relocations to avoid bear/sheep conflicts

Based on: Armistead A.R., Mitchell K. & Connolly G.E. (1994)

Are conservation strategies effective in avoiding the deforestation of the Colombian Guyana Shield?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Armenteras D., Rodriguez N. & Retana J. (2009)

Submerged macrophyte control with herbivorous fish in irrigation channels of semiarid Argentina


Based on: Armellina A.A.D., Bezic C.R. & Gajardo O.A. (1999)

Wildflower areas within revitalized agricultural matrices boost small mammal populations but not breeding Barn Owls

Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Arlettaz R.L., Krähenbühl M., Almasi B., Roulin A. & Schaub M. (2010)

Prescribed fires as ecological surrogates for wildfires: a stream and riparian perspective

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Arkle R.S. & Pilliod D.S. (2010)

Understory abundance, species diversity and functional attribute response to thinning in coniferous stands

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Ares A., Neill A.R. & Puettmann K.J. (2010)

Livestock management and dam removal allowed the recovery of an aquatic habitat for endangered frog and fish species in Argentinian Patagonia

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Arellano M.L., Velasco M.A., Quiroga S., Kass C.A., Kass N.A. & Kacoliris F.P. (2017)

Treatment of adult Valcheta frogs Pleurodema somuncurense for chytrid fungus

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Arellano M.L., Velasco M.A., Martínez Aguirre T., Zarini O., Belasen A.M., James T.Y. & Kacoliris F.P. (2018)

Management strategy to avoid chytrid fungus infection in egg clutches of the Valcheta frog Pleurodema somuncurense

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Arellano M.L., Velasco M.A., Martínez Aguirre T., Zarini O., Belasen A.M., James T.Y. & Kacoliris F.P. (2018)

Nest box orientation affects internal temperature and nest site selection by tree swallows

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Ardia D.R., Pérez J.H. & Clotfelter E.D. (2006)

Effects of population density and supplemental food on reproduction in song sparrows

Journal of Animal Ecology

Based on: Arcese P. & Smith J.N.M. (1988)

Linking 'citizen scientists' to professionals in ecological research, examples from Namibia and South Africa

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Araya Y.N., Schmiedel U. & von Witt C. (2009)

Turf transplants for restoration of alpine vegetation: does size matter?

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Aradottir A.L. (2012)

Biological control of invasive populations of crayfish: The European eel (Anguilla anguilla) as a predator of Procambarus clarkii.

Biological Invasions

Based on: Aquiloni L, Brusconi S, Cecchinelli E, Tricarico E, Mazza G, Paglianti A & Gherardi F (2010)

Managing invasive crayfish: use of X-ray sterilisation of males

Freshwater Biology

Based on: Aquiloni L, Becciolini A, Berti R, Porciani S, Trunfio C & Gherardi F (2009)

Effect of wetting-up ditches on emergent insect numbers

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Aquilina R., Williams P. & Nicolet P. (2007)

The role of cattle in maintaining plant species diversity in wet dune valleys

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Aptroot A., van Dobben H.F., Slim P.A. & Olff H. (2007)

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