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The acceptance of 0.2-metre tunnels by amphibians during their migration to the breeding site

Amphibians and Roads: Proceedings of the Toad Tunnel Conference

Based on: Brehm K. (1989)

Do meadow birds profit from agri-environment schemes in Dutch agricultural landscapes?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Breeuwer A., Berendse F., Willems F., Foppen R., Teunissen W., Schekkerman H. & Goedhart P. (2009)

Prescribed fire effects on bark beetle activity and tree mortality in southwestern ponderosa pine forests

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Breece C., Kolb T.E., Dickson B.G., McMillin J. & Clancy K. (2008)

Evaluating lethal and nonlethal management options for urban coyotes

Based on: Breck S.W., Poessel S.A. & Bonnell M.A. (2017)

A shocking device for protection of concentrated food sources from black bears

Based on: Breck S.W., Lance N. & Callahan P. (2006)

Effects of restoring oak savanna on bird communities and populations

Conservation Biology

Based on: Brawn J.D. (2006)

Bird use of restoration and reference marshes within the Barn Island Wildlife Management Area, Atonington, Connecticut, USA

Environmental Management

Based on: Brawley A.H., Warren R.S. & Askins R.A. (1998)

Activity of an endangered bat increases immediately following prescribed fire

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Braun de Torrez E.C., Ober H.K. & McCleery R.A. (2018)

Clinical trials with itraconazole as a treatment for chytrid fungal infections in amphibians

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

Based on: Brannelly L.A., Richards-Zawacki C.L. & Pessier A.P. (2012)

Cavity-nester habitat development in artificially made Douglas-fir snags

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Brandeis T.J., Newton M., Filip G.M. & Cole E.C. (2002)

Vegetation of exclosures in southwestern North Dakota

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Brand M.D. & Goetz H. (1987)

Failure of translocated, captive-bred North Island weka Gallirallus australis greyi to establish a new population

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Bramley G.N. & Veltman C.J. (1998)

Tub nests for Canada geese

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Brakhage G.K. (1966)

Woody plant invasion of unburned Kansas bluestem prairie

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Bragg T.B. & Hulbert L.C. (1976)

Response of a semidesert grassland to 16 years of rest from grazing

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Brady W.W., Stromberg M.R., Aldon E.F., Bonham C.D. & Henry S.H. (1989)

Evaluating wolf translocation as a nonlethal method to reduce livestock conflicts in the northwestern United States

Conservation Biology

Based on: Bradleye H., Pletscher D.H., Bangs E.E., Kunkel K.E., Smith D.W., Mack C.M., Meier T.J., Fontaine J.A., Niemeyer C.C. & Jimenez M.D. (2005)

Wintering shorebirds increase after kelp (Macrocystis) recovery

The Condor

Based on: Bradley R.A. & Bradley D.W. (1993)

Interrill soil erosion as affected by tillage and residue cover

Soil & Tillage Research

Based on: Bradford J.M. & Huang C. (1994)

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