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Silviculture enhances the recovery of overexploited mahogany Swietenia macrophylla

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Verwer C., Peña‐Claros M., , Ohlson-Kiehn K. & Sterck F.J. (2008)

Influencing human behaviour: an underutilised tool for biodiversity management

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Veríssimo D. (2013)

Direct and indirect effects of the most widely implemented Dutch agri-environment schemes on breeding waders

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Verhulst J., Kleijn D. & Berendse F. (2007)

Restoration success of low-production plant communities on former agricultural soils after topsoil removal

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Verhagen R., Klooker J. & Bakker J.P. (2001)

The effect of turf cutting on plant and arbuscular mycorrhizal spore recolonisation: Implications for heathland restoration

Biological Conservation

Based on: Vergeer P., van den Berg L.J.L., Baar J., Ouborg N.J. & Roelofs J.G.M. (2006)

Efficacy of an animal-activated frightening device on urban elk and mule deer

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: VerCauteren K.C., Shivik J.A. & Lavelle M.J. (2005)

Deer guards and bump gates for excluding white-tailed deer from fenced resources

Human Wildlife Interactions

Based on: VerCauteren K.C., Seward N.W., Lavelle M.J., Fischer J.W. & Phillips G.E. (2009)

Livestock protection dogs for deterring deer from cattle and feed

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: VerCauteren K.C., Lavelle M.J. & Phillips G.E. (2008)

Red lasers are ineffective for dispersing deer at night

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: VerCauteren K.C., Hygnstrom S.E., Pipas M.J., Fioranelli P.B., Werner S.J. & Blackwell B.F. (2003)

Evaluating stakeholder awareness and involvement in risk prevention of aquatic invasive plant species by a national code of conduct

Aquatic Invasions

Based on: Verbrugge L.N., Leuven R.S., Van Valkenburg J.L. & van den Born R.J. (2014)

Loss of environmental heterogeneity and aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity following large-scale restoration management

Basic and Applied Ecology

Based on: Verberk W.C.E.P., Leuven R.S.E.W., van Duinen G.A. & Esselink H. (2010)

Notes on the introduction of Cape buffalo to Doornkloof Nature Reserve, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

South African Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Venter J.A. (2004)

Brushtail possum mortality and ambient temperatures following aerial poisoning using 1080

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Veltman C.J. & Pinder D.N. (2001)

Large mammal use of protected and community-managed lands in a biodiversity hotspot

Animal Conservation

Based on: Velho N., Srinivasan U., Singh P. & Laurance W.F. (2016)

Conservation tillage and cover cropping influence soil properties in San Joaquin Valley cotton-tomato crop

California Agriculture

Based on: Veenstra J.J., Horwath W.R., Mitchell J.P. & Munk D.S. (2006)

Use of fauna passages along waterways under highways

Proceedings of the International Conference on Wildlife Ecology and Transportation

Based on: Veenbaas G. & Brandjes J. (1999)

Distribution and damage to the by-catch assemblages of the northern Irish Sea scallop dredge fisheries

Based on: Veale L.O., Hill A.S., Hawkins S.J. & Brand A.R. (2001)

Results of Transplanting Flightless Young Blue-Winged Teal

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Vaught R.W. (1964)

Response of a scarlet macaw Ara macao population to conservation practices in Costa Rica

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Vaughan C., Nemeth N.M., Cary J. & Temple S. (2005)

Ecology and management of natural and artificial scarlet macaw (Ara macao) nest cavities in Costa Rica

Ornitologê Neotropical

Based on: Vaughan C., Nemeth N. & Marineros L. (2003)

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