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Extended field margins - a new element of ecological compensation in farmed landscapes - deliver positive impacts for Articulata


Based on: Luka H., Uehlinger G., Pfiffner L., Muhlethaler R. & Blick T. (2006)

Territory distribution and breeding success of skylarks Alauda arvensis on organic and intensive farmland in southern England

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Wilson J.D., Evans J., Browne S.J. & King J.R. (1997)

The effect of noisy miners on small bush birds: an unofficial cull and its outcome

Pacific Conservation Biology

Based on: Debus S.J.S. (2008)

The SAFFIE project: enhancing the value of arable field margins for pollinating insects

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Pywell R.F., Meek W.M., Carvell C. & Hulmes L. (2007)

Captive breeding programme of the parsley frog (Pelodytes punctatus Daudin, 1803) at Genoa aquarium (Italy)

Herpetologica Bonnensis

Based on: Emanueli L., Jesu R., Schimment G., Arillo A., Mamone A. & Lamagni L. (1997)

A comparison of logging systems and bat diversity in the Neotropics

Conservation Biology

Based on: Clarke F.M., Pio D.V. & Racey P.A. (2005)

The Effects of Different Types of Feeding Enhancements on the Behaviour of Single-caged, Yearling Rhesus Macaques

Animal Welfare

Based on: Schapiro S.J., Suarez S.A., Porter L.M. & Bloomsmith M.A. (1996)

Relative impact of spider predation and cover crop on population dynamics of Erythroneura variabilis in a raisin grape vineyard

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata

Based on: Hanna R., Zalom F.G. & Roltsch W.J. (2003)

Effect of water quality on species richness and activity of desert-dwelling bats

Mammalian Biology

Based on: Korine C., Adams A.M., Shamir U. & Gross A. (2015)

Sex-specific responses of North American elk to habitat manipulation

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Long R.A., Rachlow J.L. & Kie J.G. (2009)

Effectiveness of acoustic road markings in reducing deer-vehicle collisions: a behavioural study

Wildlife Biology

Based on: Ujvári M., Baagøe H.J. & Madsen A.B. (2004)

Rhododendron – a further method of control


Based on: Elliot D. (0)

Enhancing diversity of species-poor grasslands: an experimental assessment of multiple constraints

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Pywell R.F., Bullock J.M., Tallowin J.B., Walker K.J., Warman E.A. & Masters G. (2007)

A review of the success of major crane conservation techniques

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Davis C. (1998)

Monitoring solitary bees in modified wildland habitats: implications for bee ecology and conservation

Environmental Entomology

Based on: Frankie G.W., Thorp R.W., Newstrom-Lloyd L.E., Rizzardi M.A., Barthell J.F., Griswold T.L., & Kappagoda S. (1998)

Availability of foods of sage grouse chicks following prescribed fire in sagebrush-bitterbrush

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Pyle W.H. & Crawford J.A. (1996)

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