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Mule deer responses to deer guards

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Reed D.F., Pojar T.M. & Woodard T.N. (1974)

Effectiveness of highway lighting in reducing deer-vehicle accidents

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Reed D.F. & Woodard T.N. (1981)

Behavioral response of mule deer to a highway underpass

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Reed D.F., Woodard T.N. & Pojar T.M. (1975)

Ineffectiveness of Swareflex reflectors at reducing deer-vehicle collisions

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Reeve A.F. & Anderson S.H. (1993)

Demographic trends of a reintroduced Iberian ibex Capra pyrenaica victoriae population in central Spain


Based on: Refoyo P., Olmedo C., Polo I., Fandos P. & Munoz B. (2015)

Integrating field sports, hare population management and conservation

Acta Theriologica

Based on: Reid N., Magee C. & Montgomery W.I. (2010)

Ungulate relative abundance in hunted and non-hunted sites in Calakmul Forest (Southern Mexico)

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Reyna-Hurtado R. & Tanner G.W. (2007)

Progress and status of river otter reintroduction projects in the United States

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Raesly E.J. (2001)

Movements of sea otters relocated along the California coast

Marine Mammal Science

Based on: Ralls K., Siniff D.B., Doroff A. & Mercure A. (1992)

Surviving on the edge: a conservation-oriented habitat analysis and forest edge manipulation for the hazel dormouse in the Netherlands

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Ramakers J.C., Dorenbosch M. & Foppen R.B. (2014)

Activity patterns and habitat use of mammals in an Andean forest and a Eucalyptus reforestation in Colombia

Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy (English, 1994-)

Based on: Ramirez-Mejia A.F. & Sánchez F. (2016)

Twenty-seventh year of the Alpine marmot introduction in the agricultural landscape of the Central Massif (France)

Ethology Ecology & Evolution

Based on: Ramousse R., Metral J. & Le Berre M. (2009)

Do wildlife warning reflectors elicit aversion in captive macropods?

Wildlife Research

Based on: Ramp D. & Croft D.B. (2006)

Small-mammal response to group-selection silvicultural systems in Engelmann spruce - subalpine fir forests 14 years postharvest

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Based on: Ransome D.B., Lindgren P.M.F., Waterhouse M.J., Armleder H.M. & Sullivan T.P. (2009)

Beyond morbidity and mortality in reintroduction programmes: changing health parameters in reintroduced eastern bettongs Bettongia gaimardi


Based on: Portas T.J., Cunningham R.B., Spratt D., Devlin J., Holz P., Batson W., Owens J. & Manning A.D. (2016)

More bark than bite? The role of livestock guarding dogs in predator control on Namibian farmlands


Based on: Potgieter G.C., Kerley G.I.H. & Marker L.L. (2016)

The effect of protected areas on pathogen exposure in endangered African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) populations

Biological Conservation

Based on: Prager K.C., Mazet J.A.K., Munson L., Cleaveland S., Donnelly C.A., Dubovi E.J., Szykman Gunther M., Lines R., Mills G., Davies-Mostert H.T., Weldon McNutt J., Rasmussen G., Terio K. & Woodroffe R. (2012)

Conservation of brown bear in the Alps: space use and settlement behavior of reintroduced bears

Biological Conservation

Based on: Preatoni D., Mustoni A., Martinoli A., Carlini E., Chiarenzi B., Chiozzini S., Van Dongen S., Wauters L.A. & Tosi G. (2005)

Biological consequences of winter-feeding of mule deer in developed landscapes in Northern Utah

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Peterson C. & Messmer T.A. (2011)

Evaluation of deer-exclusion grates in urban areas

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Peterson M.N., Lopez R.P., Silvy N.J., Owen C.B., Frank P.A. & Braden A.W. (2003)

Habitat selection guiding agri-environment schemes for a farmland specialist, the brown hare

Animal Conservation

Based on: Petrovan S.O., Ward A.I. & Wheeler P.M. (2013)

Reducing nontarget recaptures of an endangered predator using conditioned aversion and reward removal

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Phillips R.B. & Winchell C.S. (2011)

Pronghorn use of a wildlife underpass

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Plumb R.E., Gordon K.M. & Anderson S.H. (2003)

Landscape features influence postrelease predation on endangered black-footed ferrets

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Poessel S.A., Breck S.W., Biggins D.E., Livieri T.M., Crooks K.R. & Angeloni L. (2011)

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