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Use of non-wildlife passages across a high speed railway by terrestrial vertebrates

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Rodriguez A., Crema G. & Delibes M. (1996)

Use of nestboxes by the dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius

Biological Conservation

Based on: Morris P.A., Bright P.W. & Woods D. (1990)

Use of Nest Boxes by Wood Ducks in Mississippi

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Strange T.H., Cunningham E.R. & Goertz J.W. (1971)

Use of nest boxes by Vaux's swifts

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Bull E.L. (2003)

Use of nest boxes by goldeneyes in eastern North America

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Savard J.P & Robert M. (2007)

Use of natural pyrethrum to control the red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii in a rural district of Italy

Pest Management Science

Based on: Cecchinelli E, Aquiloni L, Maltagliati G, Orioli G, Tricarico E & Gherardi F (2012)

Use of modified water sources by bats in a managed pine landscape

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Vindigni M.A., Morris A.D., Miller D.A. & Kalcounis-Rueppell M.C. (2009)

Use of Italian rye grass as a means of attracting waterfowl

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Givens L.S. & Atkeson T.Z. (1952)

Use of highway underpasses by Florida panthers and other wildlife

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Foster M.L. & Humphrey S.R. (1995)

Use of highway underpasses by bandicoots over a 7-year period that encompassed road widening

Australian Mammalogy

Based on: Taylor B.D. & Goldingay R.L. (2014)

Use of highway undercrossings by wildlife in southern California

Biological Conservation

Based on: Ng S.J., Dole J.W., Sauvajot R.M., Riley S.P.D. & Valone T.J. (2004)

Use of highway overpass embankments by the woodchuck, Marmota monax

The Canadian Field-Naturalist

Based on: Doucet J.G., Sarrazin J.P.R & Bider J.R. (1974)

Use of group-selection and seed-tree cuts by three early-successional migratory species in Arkansas

The Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Alterman L.E., Bednarz J.C. & Thill R.E. (2005)

Use of grazing and mowing to reduce the dominance of soft rush Juncus effusus in fen meadows in Scotland

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Shellswell C.H. & Humpidge R. (2018)

Use of goats as biological agents for the renovation of pastures in the Appalachian region of the United States

Agroforestry Systems

Based on: Harvey T.E., Green Jr. J.T., Poore M.H. & Mueller J.P. (1998)

Use of field margins by foraging yellowhammers Emberiza citrinella

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Perkins A.J., Whittingham M.J., Morris A.J. & Bradbury R.B. (2002)

Use of fencing to limit terrestrial predator movements into least tern colonies

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Rimmer D.W. & Deblinger R.D. (1992)

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