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Trade-offs in marine protection: multispecies interactions within a community-led temperate marine reserve

Based on: Howarth L.M., Dubois P., Gratton P., Judge M., Christie B., Waggitt J.J., Hawkins J.P., Roberts C.M. & Stewart B.D. (2017)

Targeted field testing of wildlife road-crossing structures: koalas and canopy rope-bridges

Australian Mammalogy

Based on: Goldingay R.L. & Taylor B.D. (2017)

Preventing crop raiding by the vulnerable common hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius in Guinea-Bissau


Based on: González L.M., Montoto F.G., Mereck T., Alves J., Pereira J., de Larrinoa P.F., Maroto A., Bolonio L. & El Kadhir N. (2017)

Natural canopy bridges effectively mitigate tropical forest fragmentation for arboreal mammals

Scientific Reports

Based on: Gregory T., Carrasco-Rueda F., Alonso A., Kolowski J. & Deichmann J.L. (2017)

Assisted colonisation trial of the eastern barred bandicoot (Perameles gunnii) to a fox-free island

Wildlife Research

Based on: Groenewegen R., Harley D., Hill R. & Coulson G. (2017)

Unmanned aerial vehicles mitigate human–elephant conflict on the borders of Tanzanian Parks: a case study


Based on: Hahn N., Mwakatobe A., Konuche J., de Souza N., Keyyu J., Goss M., Chang'a A., Palminteri S., Dinerstein E. & Olson D. (2017)

Using camera trap data to assess the impact of bushmeat hunting on forest mammals in Tanzania


Based on: Hegerl C., Burgess N.D., Nielsen M.R., Martin E., Ciolli M. & Rovero F. (2017)

Factors affecting bycatch in a developing New Zealand scampi potting fishery

Based on: Major R.N., Taylor D.I., Connor S., Connor G. & Jeffs A.G. (2017)

Characterizing the post-recolonization of Antechinus flavipes and its genetic implications in a production forest landscape

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Mijangos J.L., Pacioni C., Spencer P.B.S., Hillyer M. & Craig M.D. (2017)

Taking the elephant out of the room and into the corridor: can urban corridors work?


Based on: Adams T.S., Chase M.J., Rogers T.L. & Leggett K.E. (2017)

First soft-release of a relocated puma in South America

Mammal Research

Based on: Adania C.H., de Carvalho W.D., Rosalino L.M., Pereira J.D. & Crawshaw P.G. (2017)

Patterns of movement of released female brown bears in the Cantabrian Mountains, northwestern Spain


Based on: Penteriani V., del Mar Delgado M., López-Bao J.V., García P.V., Monros J.S., Álvarez E.V., Corominas T.S. & Vázquez V.M. (2017)

Performance of arch-style road crossing structures from relative movement rates of large mammals

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Based on: Andis A.Z., Huijser M.P. & Broberg L. (2017)

Wolf predation on cattle in Portugal: Assessing the effects of husbandry systems

Biological Conservation

Based on: Pimenta V., Barros I., Boitani L. & Beja P. (2017)

Preliminary observations of dingo responses to assumed aversive stimuli

Pacific Conservation Biology

Based on: Appleby R., Smith B., Mackie J., Bernede L. & Jones D. (2017)

Designing a new access point for lesser horseshoe bats, Gloucestershire, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Reason P.F. (2017)

Performance of artificial maternity bat roost structures near Bath, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Garland L., Wells M. & Markham S. (2017)

Population size and artificial waterhole use by striped hyenas in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan


Based on: Attum O., Rosenbarger D., Al awaji M., Kramer A. & Eida E. (2017)

Disentangling the effects of fishing and environmental forcing on demographic variation in an exploited species

Based on: Teck S.J., Lorda J., Shears N.T., Bell T.W., Cornejo-Donoso J., Caselle J.E., Hamilton S.L. & Gaines S.D. (2017)

Benefits of a replenishment zone revealed through trends in focal species at Glover’s Atoll, Belize

Based on: Tewfik A., Babcock E., Gibson J., Burns P.V. & Strindberg S. (2017)

An evaluation of small-mammal use of constructed wildlife crossings in ski resorts

Wildlife Research

Based on: Schroder M. & Sato C.F. (2017)

Taking a stand against illegal wildlife trade: the Zimbabwean approach to pangolin conservation


Based on: Shepherd C.R., Connelly E., Hywood L. & Cassey P. (2017)

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