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The effect of tillage type and cropping system on earthworm communities, macroporosity and water infiltration

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Capowiez Y., Cadoux S.P., Bouchant P., Ruy S.P., Roger-Estrade J., Richard G. & Boizard H. (2009)

The effect of translocation and temporary captivity on wildlife rehabilitation success: an experimental study using European hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus)

Biological Conservation

Based on: Molony S.E., Dowding C.V., Baker P.J., Cuthill I.C. & Harris S. (2006)

The effect of tree stump treatment on the spread rate of butt rot in Picea abies in Danish permanent forest yield research plots

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research

Based on: Vollbrecht G. & Jorgensen B.B. (1995)

The effect of turf cutting on plant and arbuscular mycorrhizal spore recolonisation: Implications for heathland restoration

Biological Conservation

Based on: Vergeer P., van den Berg L.J.L., Baar J., Ouborg N.J. & Roelofs J.G.M. (2006)

The effect of using ‘displacement’ to encourage the movement of water voles Arvicola amphibius in lowland England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Gelling M., Harrington A.L., Dean M., Haddy E.C., Marshall C.E. & Macdonald D.W. (2018)

The effect of vegetation management on breeding bird communities in British Columbia

Ecological Applications

Based on: Easton W.E. & Martin K. (1998)

The effect of water level management on the soils and vegetation of two coastal Louisiana marshes

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Flynn K.M., Mendelssohn I.A. & Wilsey B.J. (1999)

The effect of water-absorbing synthetic polymers on the stomatal conductance, growth and survival of transplanted Eucalyptus microtheca seedlings in the Sudan

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Callaghan T.V., Lindley D.K., Ali O.M., Abd El Nour H. & Bacon P.J. (1989)

The effect of winter food on reproduction in the arctic fox Alopex lagopus: a field experiment

Journal of Animal Ecology

Based on: Angerbjorn A., Arvidson B., Noren E. & Stromgren L. (1991)

The effectiveness of active restoration following alien clearance in fynbos riparian zones and resilience of treatments to fire

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Pretorius M.R., Esler K.J., Homes P.M & Prins N. (2008)

The effectiveness of attempts to reduce predation by fish-eating birds: a review

Biological Conservation

Based on: Draulans D. (1987)

The effectiveness of field margin enhancement for cereal aphid control by different natural enemy guilds

Biological Control

Based on: Holland J.M., Oaten H., Southway S. & Moreby S. (2008)

The effectiveness of land-based schemes (incl. agri-environment) at conserving farmland bird densities within the U.K.

Systematic Review No. 11. Collaboration for Environmental Evidence / Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation

Based on: Roberts P.D. & Pullin A.S. (2007)

The effectiveness of management options used for the control of Spartina species. Systematic Review No. 22

Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation

Based on: Roberts P.D. & Pullin A.S. (2006)

The effectiveness of new agri-environment scheme options in conserving rare arable plants

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Walker K.J., Critchley C.N.R. & Sherwood A.J. (2007)

The effectiveness of old and new strategies for the long‐term control of Pteridium aquilinum, an 8‐year test

Weed Research

Based on: Milligan G., Cox E., Alday J., Santana V., McAllister H., Pakeman R., Le D.M. & Marrs R. (2016)

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