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Soil management effects on runoff, erosion and soil properties in an olive grove of Southern Spain

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Gómez J.A., Sobrinho T.A., Giráldez J.V. & Fereres E. (2009)

Soil management practices for sustainable agro-ecosystems

Sustainability Science

Based on: Komatsuzaki M & Ohta H. (2007)

Soil microbial activity after restoration of a semiarid soil by organic amendments

Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Based on: Ros M., Hernandez M.T. & Garcia C. (2003)

Soil microbial activity as influenced by compaction and straw mulching

International Agrophysics

Based on: Siczek a. & Frąc M. (2012)

Soil microbial biomass and carbon dioxide flux under wheat as influenced by tillage and crop rotation

Canadian Journal of Soil Science

Based on: Lupwayi N. Z., Rice W. A. & Clayton G. W. (1999)

Soil organic carbon and nutrient content in aggregate-size fractions of a subtropical rice soil under variable tillage

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Jiang X., Hu Y., Bedell J. H., Xie D. & Wright A.L. (2011)

Soil Organic Carbon Build-up and Dynamics in Rice-Rice Cropping Systems

Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science

Based on: Ramesh K. & Chandrasekaran B. (2004)

Soil organic carbon fractions and management index after 20 yr of manure and fertilizer application for greenhouse vegetables

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Lou Y., Xu M., Wang W., Sun X. & Liang C. (2011)

Soil organic matter degradation in an agricultural chronosequence under different tillage regimes evaluated by organic matter pools, enzymatic activities and CPMAS ¹³C NMR

Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Based on: Panettieri M., Knicker H., Murillo J.M., Madejón E. & Hatcher P.G. (2014)

Soil organism and plant introductions in restoration of species-rich grassland communities

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Kardol P., Bezemer T.M. & Van Der Putten W.H. (2009)

Soil physical and hydraulic properties in a rice-wheat cropping system in India: effects of rice-straw management

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Singh G., Jalota S.K. & Sidhu B.S. (2006)

Soil physical properties affected by long-term fertilization

European Journal of Soil Science

Based on: Pernes-Debuyser a. & Tessier D. (2004)

Soil properties change in no-till tomato production

California Agriculture

Based on: Herrero E.V., Mitchell J.P., Lanini W.T., Temple S.R., Miyao E.M., Morse R.D. & Campiglia E. (2001)

Soil properties, aspen, and white spruce responses 5 years after organic matter removal and compaction treatments

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Based on: Kabzems R. & Haeussler S. (2005)

Soil quality attributes of conservation management regimes in a semi-arid region of south western Spain

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Muñoz A., López-Piñeiro A. & Ramírez M. (2007)

Soil quality recovery and crop yield enhancement by combinedapplication of compost and wood to vegetables grown underplastic tunnels

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Bonanomi G., D’Ascoli R., Scotti R., Gaglione S.A., Caceres M.G., Sultana S., Scelza R., Rao M.A. & Zoina A. (2014)

Soil quality response of reestablished grasslands to mowing and burning

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Schacht W.H., Stubbendieck J., Bragg T.B., Smart A.J. & Doran J.W. (1996)

Soil quality, microbial functions and tomato yield under cover crop mulching in the Mediterranean environment

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Marinari S., Mancinelli R., Brunetti P. & Campiglia E. (2015)

Soil seed banks and the effect of meadow management on vegetation change in a 10-year meadow field trial

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Smith R.S., Shiel R.S., Millward D., Corkhill P. & Sanderson R.A. (2002)

Soil structural stability and erosion rates influenced by agricultural management practices in a semi-arid Mediterranean agro-ecosystem

Soil Use and Management

Based on: García-Orenes F., Roldán A., Mataix-Solera J., Cerda A., Campoy M., Arcenegui V. & Caravaca F. (2012)

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