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An evaluation of different predator exclosures used to protect Atlantic coast piping plover nests

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Deblinger R.D., Vaske J.J. & Rimmer D.W. (1992)

Impact of protection on nest take and nesting success of parrots in Africa, Asia and Australasia

Animal Conservation

Based on: Pain D.J., Martins T.L.F., Boussekey M., Diaz S.H., Downs C.T., Ekstrom J.M.M., Garnett S., Gilardi J.D., McNiven D., Primot P., Rouys S., Saoumoe S., Symes C.T., Tamungang S.A. & Theuerkauf J. (2006)

Population increase of critically endangered Malherbe’s parakeet Cyanoramphus malherbi introduced to Maud Island, New Zealand

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Ortiz-Catedral L., Kearvell J.C. & Brunton D.H. (2012)

An update from Andasibe, Madagascar

Amphibian Ark Newsletter

Based on: Edmonds D. & Claude J. (2012)

Oak woodland restoration: understory response to removal of encroaching conifers

Ecological Restoration

Based on: Devine W.D., Harrington C.A. & Peter D.H. (2007)

The effect of feeding enrichment methods on the behavior of captive Western lowland gorillas

Zoo Biology

Based on: Ryan E.B., Proudfoot K.L. & Fraser D. (2012)

Habitat features act as unidirectional and dynamic filters to bat use of production landscapes

Biological Conservation

Based on: Burgar J.M., Stokes V.L. & Craig M.D. (2017)

The effects of recreational Paracentrotus lividus fishing on distribution patterns of sea urchins at Ustica Island MPA (Western Mediterranean, Italy).

Fisheries Research

Based on: Gianguzza P., Chiantore M., Bonaviri C., Cataneo-Vietti R., Vielmini I. & Riggio S. (2006)

Black and white rhino introductions in north-west Zimbabwe

Based on: Booth V.R., Jones M.A. & Morris N.E. (1984)

Response of cottontail rabbit-populations to herbicide and fire applications on Cross Timbers Rangeland

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Lochmiller R.L., Boggs J.F., McMurry S.T., Leslie D.M. & Engle D.M. (1991)

Effectiveness of wildlife warning reflectors in reducing deer vehicle collisions: a behavioral study

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Ujvári M., Baagøe H.J. & Madsen A.B. (1998)

Controlling cotoneaster – grub, spray or burn

Conservation Land Management

Based on: Bond W. (2003)

Restoration of ecosystem function in an abandoned sandpit: plant and soil responses to paper de-inking sludge

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Fierro A., Angers D.A. & Beauchamp C.J. (1999)

Direct and indirect effects of the most widely implemented Dutch agri-environment schemes on breeding waders

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Verhulst J., Kleijn D. & Berendse F. (2007)

Impact of sod-cutting and choppering on nutrient budgets of dry heathlands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Niemeyer M., Niemeyer T., Fottner S., Härdtle W. & Mohamed A. (2007)

Durchlässe für Dachse un ihre Effektivität (Criteria for effective badger passages)

Zeitschrift für Jagdwissenschaft

Based on: Broekhuee V.S. (1996)

The use of sheep grazing to recreate species-rich grassland from abandoned arable land

Biological Conservation

Based on: Gibson C.W.D., Watt T.A. & Brown V.K. (1987)

A comparison of bird communities in burned and salvage-logged, clearcut, and forested Florida sand pine scrub

Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Greenberg C.H., Harris L.D. & Neary D.G. (1995)

An investigation on fire effects within xeric sage grouse brood habitat

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Fischer R.A., Reese K.P. & Connelly J.W. (1996)

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