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Effectiveness of Raptor Perch Deterrents on an Electrical Transmission Line in Southwestern Wyoming

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Slater S.J. & Smith J.P. (2010)

Effects of silviculture treatments on vegetation after fire in Pinus halepensis Mill. woodlands (SE Spain)

Annals of forest science

Based on: De Las Heras J., González-Ochoa A., López-Serrano F. & Simarro M.E. (2004)

Influence of ground cover on spider populations in a table grape vineyard

Ecological Entomology

Based on: Costello M.J. & Daane K.M. (1998)

The aquarium trade: a potential risk for nonnative plant introductions in Connecticut, USA

Lake and Reservoir Management

Based on: June-Wells M., Vossbrinck C.R., Gibbons J. & Bugbee G. (2012)

Two Mile Bottom bat hibernaculum from folly to fantasy

Suffolk Natural History

Based on: Gibbons N. (2013)

New approaches to the reduction of non-target mortality in beam trawling.

Fisheries Research

Based on: Van Marlen B., Bergman M.J.N., Groenewold S. & Fonds M. (2005)

Roads and macropods: interactions and implications

Based on: Bond A.R. & Jones D.N. (2014)

Evaluating the reintroduction project of Przewalski’s horse in China using genetic and pedigree data

Biological Conservation

Based on: Liu G., Shafer A.B.A., Zimmermann W., Hu D., Wang W., Chu H., Cao J. & Zhao C. (2014)

Reintroducing prairie dogs in desert grasslands

Restoration & Management Notes

Based on: Truett J.C. & Savage T. (1998)

Controlling cotoneaster – grub, spray or burn

Conservation Land Management

Based on: Bond W. (2003)

Sandy River Riparian Habitat Protection Project Report 2006

Based on: Soll J., Kreuzer D., Strauss K., Dumont J., Jeidy L., Krass M., Aldassy C. & Nemens D. (2006)

Diversity of flower-visiting bees in cereal fields: effects of farming system, landscape composition and regional context

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Holzschuh A., Steffan-dewenter I., Kleijn D. & Tscharntke T. (2007)

Results from a second herring gull (Larus argentatus) cull on the island of Scharnhörn, Elbe estuary

Zeitschrift für Jagdwissenschaft

Based on: Prater von J. & Vauk G. (1988)

Control of the small hive beetle, Aethina tumida in package bees

American Bee Journal

Based on: Baxter J.R., Elzen P.J., Westervelt D., Causey D., Randall C., Eischens F.A. & Wilson W.T. (1999)

Can tree species choice influence recruitment of ancient forest species in post-agricultural forest?

Plant Ecology

Based on: Thomaes A., De Keersmaeker L., , Vandekerkhove K., Verschelde P. & Verheyen K. (2010)

Effects of a food supplementation experiment on reproductive investment and a post-mating sexually selected trait in magpies Pica pica

Journal of Avian Biology

Based on: De Neve L., Soler J.J., Soler M., Pérez-Contreras T., Martın-Vivaldi M. & Martınez J.G. (2004)

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