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Effects of forest removal on amphibian migrations: implications for habitat and landscape connectivity

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Todd B.D., Luhring T.M., Rothermel B.B. & Gibbons J.W. (2009)

Efficacy of a community-led rat control programme at Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Conservation Evidence

Based on: King C. & Scurr D. (2013)

Mitigation techniques reduce sediment in runoff from furrow-irrigated cropland

California Agriculture

Based on: Long R.F., Hanson B.R., Fulton A.E. & Weston D.P. (2010)

Field report on the Hainan gibbon

Primate Conservation

Based on: Zhenhe L., Haisheng J., Yongzu Z., Yanhua L., Tigon C., Manry D. & Southwick C. (1987)

The contribution of rewetting to vegetation restoration of degraded peat meadows

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: van Dijk J., Stroetenga M., van Bodegom P.M. & Aerts R. (2007)

Community composition and activity of insectivorous bats in Mediterranean olive farms

Animal Conservation

Based on: Herrera J.M., Costa P., Medinas D., Marques J.T. & Mira A. (2015)

Mortality of Siberian polecats and black-footed ferrets released onto prairie dog colonies

Based on: Biggins D.E., Miller B.J., Hanebury L.R. & Powell R.A. (2011)

Past, present and future conservation of the greater one-horned rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis in Nepal


Based on: Thapa K., Nepal S., Thapa G., Bhatta S.R. & Wikramanayake E. (2013)

Corridor length and patch colonization by a butterfly, Junonia coenia

Conservation Biology

Based on: Haddad N. (2000)

Effects of water regime and competition on the establishment of a native sedge in restored wetlands

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Budelsky R.A. & Galatowitsch S.M. (2000)

The mineral nutrient status of Rubus chamaemorus L. in relation to burning and sheep grazing

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Marks T.C. & Taylor K. (1972)

Reproductive manipulation in the whooping crane Grus americana

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Kuyt E. (1996)

Vascular plant and Orthoptera diversity in relation to grassland management and landscape composition in the European Alps

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Marini L., Fontana P., Scotton M. & Klimek S. (2008)

Can supplemental foraging perches enhance habitat for endangered San Clemente loggerhead shrikes?

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Lynn S., Martin J.A. & Garcelon D.K. (2006)

Selective and non-selective control of invasive plants: the short-term effects of growing-season prescribed fire, herbicide, and mowing in two Texas prairies

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Simmons M.T., Windhager S., Power P., Lott J., Lyons R.K. & Schwope C. (2007)

The restoration and re-creation of species-rich lowland grassland on land formerly managed for intensive agriculture in the UK

Biological Conservation

Based on: Walker K.J., Stevens P.A., Stevens D.P., Mountford J.O., Manchester S.J. & Pywell R.F. (2004)

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