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Ectomycorrhizal fungi promote growth of Shorea balangeran in degraded peat swamp forests

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Turjaman M., Santoso E., Susanto A., Gaman S., Limin S.H., Tamai Y., Osaki M. & Tawaraya K. (2011)

Distribution and damage to the by-catch assemblages of the northern Irish Sea scallop dredge fisheries

Based on: Veale L.O., Hill A.S., Hawkins S.J. & Brand A.R. (2001)

Survival of resident and translocated female elk in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Stussy R.J., Edge W.D. & O'Neil T.A. (1994)

Use of pen-reared black bears for augmentation or reintroductions

Bears: Their Biology and Management

Based on: Stiver W.H., Pelton M.R. & Scott C.D. (1997)

The resistance of a chalk grassland to disturbance

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Hirst R.A., Pywell R.F., Marrs R.H. & Putwain P.D. (2003)

Establishment of vegetation on serpentine asbestos mine wastes, southeastern Quebec, Canada

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Moore T.R. & Zimmermann R.C. (1977)

The effectiveness of land-based schemes (incl. agri-environment) at conserving farmland bird densities within the U.K.

Systematic Review No. 11. Collaboration for Environmental Evidence / Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation

Based on: Roberts P.D. & Pullin A.S. (2007)

Trap-nesting bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) in forest fragments of the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Genetics and Molecular Research

Based on: Gazola A.L. & Garofalo C.A. (2009)

How too much care kills species: Grassland reserves, agri-environmental schemes and extinction of Colias myrmidone (Lepidoptera : Pieridae) from its former stronghold

Journal of Insect Conservation

Based on: Konvicka M., Benes J., Cizek O., Kopecek F., Konvicka O. & Vitaz L. (2008)

Population trends of Seychelles magpie-robins Copsychus sechellarum following translocation to Cousin Island, Seychelles

Conservation Evidence

Based on: López-Sepulcre A., Doak N., Norris K. & ShahLópez-Sepulcre N.J. (2008)

Mountain grassland biodiversity: impact of site conditions versus management type

Journal for Nature Conservation

Based on: Kampmann D., Herzog F., Jeanneret P., Konold W., Peter M., Walter T., Wildi O. & Lüscher A. (2008)

Responses of a bird assemblage to manual shrub removal in a Chacoan subtropical semiarid forest, Argentina

Ornitologê Neotropical

Based on: Codesido M., Drozd A.A., Gado P.A. & Bilenca D. (2009)

Demography of Reintroduced Eastern Bluebirds and Brown-Headed Nuthatches

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Lloyd J.D., Slater G.L. & Snow S. (2009)

The short-term storage and cryopreservation of spermatozoa from hylid and myobatrachid frogs

Cryo Letters

Based on: Browne R.K., Clulow J. & Manony M. (2002)

A conservation program for Atelopus species at the Cali Zoo, Colombia

Amphibian Ark Newsletter

Based on: Silva C. (2012)

The effects of forest management on plant species diversity in a Sierran conifer forest

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Battles J.J., Shlisky A.J., Barrett R.H., Heald R.C. & Allen-Diaz B.H. (2001)

Early response of stand structure and species diversity to strip-clearcut in a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in Okinawa Island, Japan

New forests

Based on: Wu L., Deng Y., Watanabe S., Takakazu S., Qin J., Zhong J. & Zhang J. (2013)

Response of medium- and large-sized terrestrial fauna to corridor restoration along the middle Sacramento River

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Derugin V.V., Silveira J.G., Golet G.H. & LeBuhn G. (2016)

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