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Cattle grazing, raptor abundance and small mammal communities in Mediterranean grasslands

Basic and Applied Ecology

Based on: Torre I., Diaz M., Martínez-Padilla J., Bonal R., Vinuela J. & Fargallo J.A. (2007)

Cattle Grazing Mediates Climate Change Impacts on Ephemeral Wetlands

Conservation Biology

Based on: Pyke C.R. & Marty J. (2005)

Cattle grazing has varying impacts on stream-channel erosion in oak woodlands

California Agriculture

Based on: George M.R., Larsen R.E., McDougald N.K., Tate K.W., Gerlach J.J.D. & Fulgham K.O. (2004)

Cattle grazing facilitates tree regeneration in a conifer forest with palatable bamboo understory

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Darabant A., Rai P., Tenzin K., Roder W. & Gratzer G. (2007)

Cattle grazing effects on plant species composition and soil compaction on rehabilitated forest landings in central interior British Columbia

Journal of soil and water conservation

Based on: Krzic M., Newman R., Trethewey C., Bulmer C. & Chapman B. (2006)

Cattle Grazing and Yosemite Toad (Bufo canorus Camp) Breeding Habitat in Sierra Nevada Meadows

Rangeland Ecology & Management

Based on: Roche L.M., Allen-Diaz B., Eastburn D.J. & Tate K.W. (2012)

Cats (Felis catus) are more abundant and are the dominant predator of woylies (Bettongia penicillata) after sustained fox (Vulpes vulpes) control

Australian Journal of Zoology

Based on: Marlow N.J., Thomas N.D., Williams A.A., Macmahon B., Lawson J., Hitchen Y., Angus J. & Berry O. (2015)

Catchment liming to restore degraded, acidified heathlands and moorland pools

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Dorland E., van den Berg L.J.L., Brouwer E., Roelofs J.G.M. & Bobbink R. (2005)

Catch comparison of flatfish pulse trawls and a tickler chain beam trawl

Based on: Van Marlen B., Wiegerinck J.A.M., van Os-Koomen E. & van Barneveld E. (2014)

Cat eradication significantly decreases shearwater mortality

Animal Conservation

Based on: Keitt B.S. & Tershy B.R. (2003)

Caspian terns (Sterna caspia) breed successfully on a nesting raft

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Lampman K., Taylor M. & Blokpoel H. (1996)

Casitas: A location-dependent ecological trap for juvenile Caribbean spiny lobsters, Panulirus argus.

ICES Journal of Marine Science

Based on: Gutzler B.C., Butler M.J. & Behringer D.C. (2015)

Case study: Lomax Brow: great crested newt project

Proceedings of the Conservation and Management of Great Crested Newts

Based on: Horton P.J. & Branscombe J. (1994)

Carotenoid Supplementation Enhances Reproductive Success in Captive Strawberry Poison Frogs (Oophaga Pumilio)

Zoo Biology

Based on: Dugas M.B., Yeager J. & Richards-Zawacki C.L. (2013)

Carnivore conservation in practice: replicated management actions on a large spatial scale

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Angerbjorn A., Eide N.E., Dalén L., Elmhagen B., Hellström P., Ims R.A., Killengreen S., Landa A., Meijer T., Mela M., Niemimaa J., Norén K., Tannerfeldt M., Yoccoz N.G. & Henttonen H. (2013)

Caribou introductions in eastern North America

Based on: Bergerud A.T. & Mercer W.E. (1989)

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