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Chemical control of Australian swamp stonecrop (New Zealand Pygmy Weed) Crassula helmsii

The National Trust Conservation Newsletter

Based on: (2004)

Chemical bird repellents: possible use in cyanide ponds

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Clark L. & Shah P.S. (1993)

Cheatgrass competition and establishment of desert needlegrass seedlings

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Rafferty D. & Young J.A. (2002)

Chatham Islands threatened birds: recovery and management plans

Department of Conservation. Threatened Species Recovery Plan: New Zealand shore plover

Based on: Aikman H., Davis A., Miskelly C.M., O'Connor S. & Taylor G.A. (2001)

Chariots of fire – a burning issue

Conservation Land Management

Based on: Forbes V. (2003)

Characterizing the suitability of new ponds for amphibians


Based on: Stumpel A.H.P. & van der Voet H. (1998)

Characterizing the post-recolonization of Antechinus flavipes and its genetic implications in a production forest landscape

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Mijangos J.L., Pacioni C., Spencer P.B.S., Hillyer M. & Craig M.D. (2017)

Characteristics and risk perceptions of Ghanaians potentially exposed to bat-borne zoonoses through bushmeat


Based on: Kamins A.O., Rowcliffe J.M., Ntiamoa-Baidu Y., Cunningham H.M., Wood J.L.N. & Restif O. (2015)

Characteristics and consequences of nest-site fidelity in wood ducks

The Auk

Based on: Hepp G. & Kennamer R. (1992)

Chaparral shrub recovery after fuel reduction: a comparison of prescribed fire and mastication techniques

Plant Ecology

Based on: Potts J.B., Marino E. & Stephens S.L. (2010)

Changing grass height alters foraging site selection by wintering farmland birds

Basic and Applied Ecology

Based on: Whittingham M.J. & Devereux C.L. (2008)

Changes to soil physical properties after grazing exclusion

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Greenwood K. L., MacLeod D. a., Scott J. M. & Hutchinson K. J. (1998)

Changes of pore morphology, infiltration and earthworm community in a loamy soil under different agricultural managements


Based on: Lamandé M., Hallaire V., Curmi P., Pérès G. & Cluzeau D. (2003)

Changes in wet meadow vegetation after 20 years of different management in a field experiment (north-west Germany)

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Based on: Poptcheva K., Schwartze P., Vogel A., Kleinebecker T. & Hölzel N. (2009)

Changes in the vegetation of hay meadows under an agri-environment scheme in South Belgium

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Piqueray J., Rouxhet S., Hendrickx S. & Mahy G. (2016)

Changes in the vegetation and reptile populations on Round Island, Mauritius, following eradication of rabbits

Biological Conservation

Based on: North S.G., Bullock D.J. & Dulloo M.E. (1994)

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