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Population demography and spatial ecology of a reintroduced lion population in the Greater Makalali Conservancy, South Africa


Based on: Druce D., Genis H., Braak J., Greatwood S., Delsink A., Kettles R., Hunter L. & Slotow R. (2004)

Translocation of overabundant species: Implications for translocated individuals

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Whisson D.A., Holland G.J. & Carlyon K. (2012)

Effects of food supplementation on home-range size, reproductive success, productivity and recruitment in a small population of Iberian lynx

Animal Conservation

Based on: López-Bao J.V., Palomares F., Rodriguez A. & Delibes M. (2010)

Effects of an ongoing oak savanna restoration on small mammals in Lower Michigan

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Larsen A.L., Jacquot J.J., Keenlance P.W. & Keough H.L. (2016)

Effects of aversive conditioning on behavior of nuisance Louisiana black bears

Human-Wildlife Conflicts

Based on: Leigh J. & Chamberlain M.J. (2008)

Experimental ivermectin treatment of sarcoptic mange and establishment of a mange-free population of Spanish ibex

Journal of Wildlife Diseases

Based on: León-Vizcaíno L., Cubero M.J., González-Capitel E., Simon M.A., Pérez L., de Ybáñez M.R.R., Ortíz J.M., Candela M.G. & Alonso F. (2001)

Manipulations of black bear and coyote affect caribou calf survival

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Lewis K.P., Gullage S.E., Fifield D.A., Jennings D.H. & Mahoney S.P. (2017)

Analyzing the past to understand the future: natural mating yields better reproductive rates than artificial insemination in the giant panda

Biological Conservation

Based on: Li D., Wintle N.J., Zhang G., Wang C., Luo B., Martin-Wintle M.S., Owen M. & Swaisgood R.R. (2017)

The anatomy of a failed offset

Biological Conservation

Based on: Lindenmayer D.B., Crane M., Evans M.C., Maron M., Gibbons P., Bekessy S. & Blanchard W. (2017)

The use of nest boxes by arboreal marsupials in the forests of the Central Highlands of Victoria

Wildlife Research

Based on: Lindenmayer D.B., MacGregor C.I., Cunningham R.B., Incoll R.D., Crane M., Rawlins D. & Michael D.R. (2003)

The vacant planting: limited influence of habitat restoration on patch colonization patterns by arboreal marsupials in south-eastern Australia

Animal Conservation

Based on: Lindenmayer D.B., Mortelliti A., Ikin K., Pierson J., Crane M., Michael D. & Okada S. (2017)

Electric fencing reduces coyote predation on pastured sheep

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Linhart S.B., Roberts J.D. & Dasch G.J. (1982)

Sustainably harvesting a large carnivore? Development of Eurasian lynx populations in Norway during 160 years of shifting policy

Environmental Management

Based on: Linnell J.D.C., Broseth H., Odden J. & Nilsen E.B. (2010)

Beehive fences as a multidimensional conflict-mitigation tool for farmers coexisting with elephants

Conservation Biology

Based on: King L.E., Lala F., Nzumu H., Mwambingu E. & Douglas-Hamilton I. (2017)

Ecology and translocation-aided recovery of an endangered badger population

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Kinley T.A. & Newhouse J.A. (2008)

Fox control and rock-wallaby population dynamics II. An update

Wildlife Research

Based on: Kinnear J.E., Onus M.L. & Sumner N.R. (1998)

The red fox in Australia - an exotic predator turned biocontrol agent

Biological Conservation

Based on: Kinnear J.E., Sumner N.R. & Onus M.L. (2002)

Effects and mitigation of road impacts on individual movement behavior of wildcats

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Klar N., Herrmann M. & Kramer-Schadt S. (2009)

Predator-resembling aversive conditioning for managing habituated wildlife

Ecology and Society

Based on: Kloppers E.L., St Clair C. & Hurd T.E. (2005)

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