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Hatching and breeding success of the Lapwing Vanellus vanellus within and outside the nature reserve
Ausbruch und Zucht Erfolg des Kiebitzes Vanellus vanellus innerhalb und außerhalb des Naturschutzgebietes


Eikhorst W. (2005) Vogelwelt, 126, 359-364.

Birds Associated with Fire Management in Field Areas in the Southern Portion of the Atlantic Forest Biome
Aves Associadas ao Manejo com Fogo em Áreas de Campo na Porção Sul do Bioma Mata Atlântica

Biodiversidade Brasileira

Petry M.V, Piuco R C & Brummelhaus J (2011) Biodiversidade Brasileira, 1, 110-119.

Influence of rain on Herbicide 2,4-D efficacy in controlling Myriophyllum aquaticum
Influência da chuva na eficácia do herbicida 2, 4-D no controle de Myriophyllum aquaticum

Planta Daninha

Souza G., Pereira M., Vitorino H., Campos C. & Martins D. (2012) Planta Daninha, 263-267.

Renaturation of wetlands in the subterranean area - an attempt to balance the breeding and migrating birds after 20 years
Renaturierung von Feuchtgebieten im Unterweserraum – Versuch einer Bilanzierung für Brut- und Gastvögeln nach 20 Jahren


Handke K. (2008) Vogelwelt, 278-279.

Stepping-stones and benefit zones: agroforestry tools for the conservation of rural landscapes in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Trampolins ecológicos e zonas de benefício múltiplo: ferramentas agroflorestais para a conservação de paisagens rurais fragmentadas na Floresta Atlântica Brasileira.

Natureza & Conservação

Cullen Jr,L, Beltrame T.P, Padua C.V & Padua S.M (2003) Natureza & Conservação, 1, 37-46.

Chemical control of Myriophyllum aquaticum
Uso de diferentes herbicidas no controle de Myriophyllum aquaticum

Planta Daninha

Negrisoli E., Tofoli G., Velini E., Martins D. & Cavenaghi A. (2003) Planta Daninha, 21, 89-92.

The analysis of muskox introduction in northern Asia
Анализ процесса интродукции овцебыка на севере Азии

Russian Journal of Zoology

(2007) Russian Journal of Zoology, 86, 620-627.

Solving ecological problems of shell sand landscapes of eastern Sea of Azov area by means of afforestattion
Решение экологических проблем песчано-ракушечниковых ландшафтов восточного Приазовья за счет лесонасаждений

Russian Journal of Ecology

Russian Journal of Ecology.

Effects of Reserve Management on Woody and Ground Flora Diversity (Case Study: Chamhesar Pear Forest Reserve)
تاثیر مدیریت ذخیره گاهی بر تنوع گونه های گیاهی (مطالعه موردی: ذخیره گاه گلابی وحشی چم حصار دلفان)

Journal of Natural Environment

Jafari Sarabi H, Pilehvar B, Veis Karami G & Sousani J (2012) Journal of Natural Environment, 65, 31-43.

Reintroduction of Persian Wild Ass (Equus hemionus onager): A Case Study in Kakmand-Bahadoran inYazd Province
معرفی مجدد گور ایرانی (Equus hemionus onager) به طبیعت: مطالعۀ موردی منطقۀ حفاظت‌شدۀ کالمند بهادران در استان یزد

Journal of Natural Environment

Akbari H, Farhadinia MS, Habibiour A & Shaker A (2013) Journal of Natural Environment, 2, 13-22.

An attempt to regenerate submerged plant communities on the shore of Kasumigaura by utilizing a spray body bank of aquatic plants contained in dredged soil and biomanipulation

Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology

Hideo Y, Noriko T, Shiatsushi N & Keigo N (2003) Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology, 8, 99-111.

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