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Providing evidence to improve practice

‘How to’ Videos

This page offers brief and helpful demonstrations for how to use the Conservation Evidence website. Please note there is no audio on the following videos. 


How to search on

This brief video explains how to search for relevant evidence on our website.



How to do an advanced search on

This brief video explains how to do an advanced search on our website to help you find the most relevant evidence for you.



Sorting Search Results on

A quick demo of how you can sort search results on



How to download evidence from

This is a brief demo of how to download evidence from You can create your own bespoke synopsis.



What is an 'Action' page on

This video guides you through all the important parts of an action page. You'll be able to access the most relevant evidence to you faster.



What is What Works on

This video explains how to interpret the What Works in Conservation assessment scores on



Synopses vs What Works in Conservation

How are synopses, the website and What Works in Conservation different?