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Action: Take field corners out of management Bird Conservation

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A replicated study in the UK found that overwinter survival of grey partridge Perdix perdix was higher where field corners were taken out of management than on other sites for one of three winters. There was no relationship with the intervention and brood size, the ratio of young to old birds or density changes.


Supporting evidence from individual studies


A replicated site comparison study on 1,031 agricultural sites across England in 2004-8 (Ewald et al. 2010) found that grey partridge Perdix perdix overwinter survival was positively correlated with taking field corners out of management, significantly so in 2007-8. There were no relationships with brood size, the ratio of young to old birds or year-on-year density changes. This study describes the effects of several other interventions, discussed in the relevant sections.


Referenced papers

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