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Action: Water: Restore habitat along watercourses Mediterranean Farmland

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Water availability (1 study): One replicated site comparison in the USA found similar amounts of water, in soils, in restored and remnant riparian habitats.

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A replicated site comparison in 2005–2006 in 46 riparian sites in the Central Valley, California, USA, found similar amounts of water in soils at restored and natural sites. Water availability: Similar amounts of water were found in soils at restored and natural sites (amounts not reported). Methods: Thirty restored sites (urban: 19; agricultural: 11; all with <30 planted elderberry plants; 2–15 years old) and 16 natural sites (within 20 km of restored sites) were compared. Restored sites were surveyed in July–early November 2005 and August–October 2006 and natural sites in April–September 2006. Restored sites were 24% of the size of natural sites. Soil samples (5–30 cm depth) were collected under three or more shrubs at each site.


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