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Action: Soil: Plant hedgerows Mediterranean Farmland

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Soil erosion and aggregation (1 study): One replicated site comparison from the USA found similar particle sizes in soils with or without planted hedgerows.

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Supporting evidence from individual studies


A replicated site comparison in farmland in the Central Valley, California, USA (years of study not reported), found similar soil structure in field edges with or without planted hedgerows. Soil erosion and aggregation: Similar particle sizes were found in soils with or without planted hedgerows (data reported as statistical results). Methods: Eight fields with planted hedgerows (mostly Californian native shrubs and forbs, at least five years after planting) were compared with eight field edges without planted hedgerows. Two soil samples were collected from each site (0–10 cm depth).


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Shackelford, G. E., Kelsey, R., Robertson, R. J., Williams, D. R. & Dicks, L. V. (2017) Sustainable Agriculture in California and Mediterranean Climates: Evidence for the effects of selected interventions. Synopses of Conservation Evidence Series. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.