Providing evidence to improve practice


A synopsis of evidence lists all the possible actions you could take to conserve a given species group or habitat, or to tackle a particular conservation issue.

For each action, it brings together the available scientific evidence with summary statements that are quick and easy to read. It describes each piece of evidence with references, and links to more information on our website.

Each synopsis is developed in partnership with an international advisory board of conservationists and researchers who specialise in that area.

For more information about the methods and evidence sources used for these synopses please see the methods page.

As well as those completed below, three global synopses are currently being produced on the conservation of carnivores, primates and reptiles. We are also working on conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Mediterranean farmland and are about to start work on a synopsis of evidence for wetland conservation.


Current synopses

Bee Conservation

Bee Conservation   Bee Conservation - Published 2012

Bird Conservation

Bird Conservation   Bird Conservation - Published 2012

Farmland Conservation

Farmland Conservation   Farmland Conservation - Published 2012

Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control   Natural Pest Control - Published 2013

Soil Fertility

Soil Fertility   Soil Fertility - Published 2013

Sustainable Aquaculture

Sustainable Aquaculture   Sustainable Aquaculture - Published 2013

Amphibian Conservation

Amphibian Conservation   Amphibian Conservation - Published 2013

Bat Conservation

Bat Conservation   Bat Conservation - Published 2013

Forest Conservation

Forest Conservation   Forest Conservation - Published 2016

Control of Freshwater Invasive Species

Control of Freshwater Invasive Species   Control of Freshwater Invasive Species - Published 2015

Coming soon

Reptile Conservation

Preview online

Carnivore Conservation

Preview online

Management of Captive Animals

Preview online

Primate Conservation

Preview online