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Adoption of a juvenile by breeding Spanish imperial eagles during the postfledging period

Raptor Research

Based on: Gonzalez J.L., Heredia B., González L.M. & Alonso N. (1986)

Agri-environment schemes and their contribution to the conservation of biodiversity in England

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Ovenden G., Swash A. & Smallshire D. (1998)

Agri-environment schemes do not effectively protect biodiversity in Dutch agricultural landscapes


Based on: Kleijn D., Berendse F., Smit R. & Gilissen N. (2001)

Agronomic and ecological costs and benefits of set-aside in England

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Firbank L.G., Smart S.M., Crabb J., Critchley C.N.R., Fowbert J.W., Fuller R.J., Gladders P., Green D.B., Henderson I. & Hill M.O. (2003)

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