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Wild bee pollinators provide majority of crop visitation across land-use gradients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, USA

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Winfree R., Williams N., Gaines H., Ascher J.S. & Kremen C. (2008)

Wild bee abundance and seed production in conventional, organic, and genetically modified canola

Ecological Applications

Based on: Morandin L.A. & Winston M.L. (2005)

Visitation by wild and managed bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) to eastern US native plants for use in conservation programs

Environmental Entomology

Based on: Tuell J.K., Fiedler A.K., Landis D. & Isaacs R. (2008)

Urban domestic gardens (VI): environmental correlates of invertebrate species richness

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Smith R.M., Warren P.H., Thompson K. & Gaston K.J. (2006)

Urban domestic gardens (II): experimental tests of methods for increasing biodiversity

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Gaston K.J., Smith R.M., Thompson K. & Warren P.H. (2005)

Trap-nesting bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) in forest fragments of the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Genetics and Molecular Research

Based on: Gazola A.L. & Garofalo C.A. (2009)

The value of uncropped field margins for foraging bumblebees

Journal of Insect Conservation

Based on: Kells A.R., Holland J.M. & Goulson D. (2001)

The value of a tree species for a stingless bee Melipona quadrifasciata quadrifasciata

Journal of Insect Conservation

Based on: Antonini Y. & Martins R.P. (2003)

The Swiss agri-environment scheme enhances pollinator diversity and plant reproductive success in nearby intensively managed farmland

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Albrecht M., Duelli P., Müller C., Kleijn D. & Schmid B. (2007)

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